Vape Pen vs Mod: What Are the Differences?

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Vape pens and mods make up the world’s two most popular vaping devices. With their close similarities, you may confuse the two when purchasing, especially if you’re new to vaping.

A vape pen refers to a pen-like gadget, usually five inches long, that holds and prepares vape juice for consumption. On the other side, vape mods are an advancement of vape pens incorporating more user-friendly features and technologies not found in the latter.

Both devices are usable for similar purposes since vaping has different strengths and attributes. They include your vaping frequency, the affordability of each device, your vaping needs, and the vaping experience your desire. Acquiring answers to these factors will be close to settling on which vaping device you need for your vaping pleasure.

Let’s learn how to differentiate vape pens from mods.

Ease of Operation

Vape pens are easy to operate and, therefore, most suitable for amateurs in vaping. Since they’re small, vape pens do not incorporate complex features that would complicate their operation. Vape mods, on the other side, are slightly difficult due to their advanced features. Vaping newbies might require short training on using vape mods instead of pens.

Device Size

As the name suggests, vape pens are small, usually compared to a standard pen, while vape mods are larger, coming in different sizes, designs, and more. Vape mods hold more juice than pens and thus have a larger tank and other accessories.

Thanks to technology, most vape pens come with rebuildable coils, replaceable or rechargeable batteries, and plenty of incredible features, making them slightly preferable to their counterparts.

Device Batteries

Another significant difference between vape pens and mods is the location of batteries. Vape mods have internal batteries, while pens’ batteries are externally located for easy replacement. Additionally, vape mod batteries are usually larger, stronger, and last longer than vape pens.

Vape Tanks

Both vape pens and mods contain tanks holding vaping substances, including cannabis concentrate. Cartridges in vape mods are usually large to serve the user for longer periods, while vape pen cartridges are smaller and designed for regular refilling when depleted.

The complexity of vape mod cartridges makes them hard to move around with. Vape pens are easily portable and can be refilled nearly everywhere.

Device Cost

One more significant difference between vape mods and pens is their cost. Vape mods usually cost higher than pens due to their advanced features and technologies. Regardless of their high prices, thousands of vapers are going for vape mods for a greater vaping experience revealed through an assortment of flavours.

Device Lifespan

Vape mods are vape devices designed with top-notch technology, giving them a longer lifespan than vape pens. The former is built to endure various conditions and tolerate users’ creativity with different flavours. No wonder they are priced higher. Although they do not have a specified lifespan, vape mods can serve close to five years with appropriate maintenance.

Device Portability

Due to their small size, vape pens are easily portable and thus suitable for outdoor vaping. On the other hand, it can be hard to walk around with your vape mod as it’s quite complex to fit in a carry-on bag, and it might land you in trouble with the authorities.

Most airports allow passengers to move around with vape pens after removing the batteries, which is close to impossible with mods. Unfortunately, you may not bring your vape mod to a hiking trip or nature walk session, and if you manage to, you will have sacrificed a good amount of calories for the job.

Vaping Experience

As highlighted earlier, most vapers shift from vape pens to mods for a greater experience. Although importable, vape mods have it all from a strong battery, a large tank allowing you to vape for longer periods without refilling, adjustable power levels, controllable nicotine levels, and the ability to accommodate different vape juice flavours.

Even better, some modernized vape mods come with type-C charging ports. You will enjoy maximum portability with vape pens but not the above features, especially if you’re a heavy vaper.

Disposal of Vape Pens and Mods

Despite the significant differences between vape pens and mods, their way of disposal is the same. You must detach the parts and dispose of them for vape pens in the hazardous waste bin.

Whereas for vape mods, since most parts are internal, you can just dispose of the whole device in the hazardous waste bin without stressing yourself. These vaping devices are disposed of in the hazardous waste bin since there are no recycling resources.

There you have all the major comparisons between vape pens and mods. Like any other aspect, the best selection solely lies in your vaping needs, finances, and other personal factors. Whichever vaping device you go for, quality should remain a priority for the best results possible.

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