3 Reasons Why the Brand of Your Restaurant Equipment Matters

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Whether you are opening your first restaurant and need to buy new restaurant equipment or the time has come to upgrade or replace your existing commercial kitchen equipment, you understandably may be focused on finding the most affordable equipment that meets your needs. You may have already started looking at restaurant supplies stores online or shopping with a restaurant supply store in your area to explore the options. While cost, size and features in your commercial kitchen equipment are critical factors to consider, do not overlook the importance of brand when shopping for new appliances for your restaurant. In some cases, the cost associated with a specific brand may be over-inflated in comparison to the competition. However, the brand is relevant for many reasons.

The Warranty Available
The warranty available for different products varies significantly by brand. Some manufacturers are known for providing a very lengthy warranty that offers full coverage. Others are known for having a short warranty or only providing a limited warranty. In many cases, companies that have a long, comprehensive warranty do so because they know they develop quality products that will have minimal repair issues for at least the first few years of ownership. If issues do arise, repair costs are minimal with a warranty. With this in mind, the warranty offered by a brand is critical.

Access to Top Features
There are many affordable brands that have common features you may be looking for, but typically, the more expensive brands have refined or advanced features that bring cutting edge technology in your restaurant’s kitchen. In some instances, the top features are simply eye-catching and offer minimal functional benefit to your operation. In other instances, the top features may improve productivity or offer other true benefits. Take time to learn more about the top features offered by cutting edge brands.

The Resale Value
Many restaurants will sell their used equipment when making an upgrade or replacement in the future. If your restaurant has these plans, it is important to consider the resale value associated with the brand. Some brands are known for having minimal value retention, and others may have excellent resale value. This factor can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in your budget in the future, so it should not be overlooked.

The decision about which appliances and equipment you purchase now can impact the functionality of your kitchen for years to come. However, you can see that there are many factors to consider besides cost, size and basic features. As you explore the options, take time to learn more about how these factors can influence your decision about which brand you purchase. You may be able to gain additional insights at Nella Cutlery.

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