Top 5 Tips For Hiring Professional Shredding Services

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It is being said time and time again that today we are producing an amount of data that surpasses our capability of handling it safely. In times like these, it gets important to know what data to keep safe and all the more important to destroy the data that is too sensitive to save for future use. Shredding techniques and services have been acting a breath of relief in such cases.

Professional shredding services offer to carry out this job of destroying the information you don’t want floating around. But before hiring a service, there are some things that are important to consider because handling of sensitive information is not something you’ll want to lay in wrong hands. Therefore, check the following things before hiring a service:

1. Reliability: This is the first and foremost thing that you should research and check about a shredding service before hiring. Shredding is mostly done to destroy sensitive material that poses risk when out in the open. Handling of such data should be given only to people that can be trusted, people that can be relied upon.

2. Record Keeping: Professional shredding services Toronto maintain a record as to what document was destroyed at what time. This is useful in several ways: You get reassured that the job has been done; these details can be forwarded to the customers who in turn can be reassured about their data being destroyed. Some shredding services even provide a ‘certificate of destruction’, which can be of help in building strong bonds with the customers and gaining their trust.

3. Proper Shredding Techniques: It’s very important to see if the documents meant to be destroyed have been shredded to the proper size. There are some points about the size that should be checked:

  • The document should be shredded to the smallest shred size possible.
  • The document should end up being unreadable.
  • It should be impossible to reproduce the document once it has passes though the shredding machine.

Inability to do achieve the above can lead to leakage of sensitive and in some cases hyper-sensitive information that can later result in serious complications like filing of lawsuits or privacy act regulations violation issues.

4. Know the Post Shredding Rituals: Once shredding has been done, how is the shredded material discarded? Is it thrown away in the usual garbage? Or does it go for recycling? You should keep track of the shreds not just to be sure about them not ending up in wrong hands but also to make sure that the whole process proves to be eco-friendly too.

5. Spectrum of Services Offered: There is a large array of shredding techniques depending on the type of data to be destroyed; there are paper shredders to destroy hard copies and then there are shredders to destroy the data stored in soft copy format like in hard disks.

It may not seem like it but hiring reliable and reputable shredding services Toronto actually plays a big role in smooth functioning of a company/business and helps in reducing risks of leakage of valuable information to the wrong parties by a large fraction. So shred it, don’t regret it!

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