The Four Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Freight Broker Software

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Being in the shipping industry is about reliability, safety, and consistency. This is why having freight broker software is an absolute must. It means keeping a more efficient track of freight from the time it leaves the warehouse to its destination and back.

If you have been debating on implementing software into your freight business model, don’t wait any longer. There are four reasons in particular why your business should be making the most of the proper software for your freight tracking needs.

1. Documentation

Part of freight shipping means a lot of paperwork. Filling out forms and keeping them stored and accessible is vital to the business at large. Having the right software means keeping track of it all quickly and easily.

Even better, it can mean pre-populating information for regular forms. That saved time can really add up to major time and money savings. Not only that, but it drastically reduces the chances for error, which can also have huge savings on time and money. If for no other reason, freight broker software is vital for the paperwork aspect of the business.

2. Finding the Right Carrier

Another major concern in the freight business is finding the right carrier. There are so many out there that finding one with the best rates can feel like a challenge if it has to be done manually. This is where the right software can make a world of difference.

All of the prices are easily accessible and can be compared accordingly right in the software. That means no more wasting time checking an array of sources and hoping that the information is accurate at the time you see it. It is all centralized for optimal convenience.

3. Connect the Warehouse

Perhaps the best thing about having the right broker software is that it connects to your warehouse. This makes it far easier than ever before to see how far those deliveries are, what your current inventory is, when there are lows, and so much more.

All of this used to be done manually, which meant not only time and money spent doing so but the potential for error as well. Now, everything is streamlined and can be accessed with just a few quick clicks. That means more time spent on the important things in your business.

4. Real Time Solutions

When things go wrong with the software – and it will happen no matter how good the software is – you don’t have to worry about implementing a fix. Quality software offers not only troubleshooting features but real-time access to customer support.

It can mean finding a solution far sooner than ever, which means getting back to enjoying the functionality and convenience offered by the proper software. Never worry about being down for extended periods of time. Instead, you can leave the heavy lifting to the software service team and have a resolution in short order, allowing you to get back to business.

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