Special Event Security Planning Checklist for Business

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Planning a business event can feel overwhelming, but it’s not an excuse to forget to implement security measures. The right security measures will make a difference in the success of your event, so it’s best to start thinking about them during the early planning stages to ensure everything will run smoothly.

Of course, different measures should be considered depending on the venue where your event will take place and the number of guests you will be expecting. The first thing you should do as you plan your event is to determine your security needs.

No matter what type of business event you want to organize, you want to implement security measures to keep your guests safe. Follow this special event security planning checklist for businesses:

Hire a professional security company

Unless your business event is very small, you should consider hiring a professional security company to help you oversee everything.

Suppose you are not an experienced corporate event planner. In that case, your security company will help you determine the security needs of your next event, and they will provide you with the resources and the personnel you will require to keep your guests safe.

However, if this is not your first event, you might want to plan everything on your own and hire your person instead of relying on experts.

Establish security boundaries

Establishing the boundaries of your event will help you keep your guests safe since it will be easier for your security personnel to keep unwanted people out.

If you are hosting your event outside, fences will help separate your event from the surrounding areas.

If your event will take place in a public venue, whether it’s a hotel, a conference centre, or any other type of venue where other events might be taking place at the same time, make sure to display signs that will help your guests find your event as soon as they arrive.

Set up access control

Your security team will have to make sure only guests can access your event, one of the most important things. They will be controlling access to the venue and checking IDs.

But if your business event is open to the public, your security team will have to make sure no one brings forbidden items with them. A threat detection platform can help with this task, so implementing one might be a good idea.

A threat detection platform is a system that uses sensors and cameras powered by artificial intelligence. This technology can detect weapons and help security staff respond quickly if a disturbance should occur. Patriot One Technologies offers threat detection platform solutions for businesses, so contact their team for more information.

Fireproof the event venue

If the venue you will be hosting your business event is not fireproof, you need to fireproof it. This means you will have to make sure fire extinguishers are available and easily accessible. You also need to plan an exit strategy if the venue needs to be evacuated.

Exit paths should be indicated and free from obstacles in a fire emergency. You will also need to ensure your personnel and guests know those exit paths and what they should do if a fire breaks out.

Hire event security personnel

If you have retained the services of a security company, they should provide you with all the security personnel you need for your event. It will be up to you to decide whether you want them to wear uniforms or clothes that allow them to blend in with your guests.

When your security staff wear uniforms, they will be easy to identify, and their presence might deter anyone from trying to disrupt your business event. If your staff blends in with the crowd, they will patrol your event and protect everyone without getting noticed.

Hire someone trained in first aid procedures

Despite all your precautions, something could still go wrong during your event. This is why it’s important to have an emergency medical team on standby, or at least hire someone trained in first aid procedures.

If your event is small, having one member of your security team who has experience in emergency medical procedures could be enough. However, if you plan a large corporate event, it’s best to have a full medical team there if some guests get injured or feel ill.

Anticipate event threats and protestors

Finally, you should keep in mind that if there is anything controversial about your business event, it might attract protestors who could try to disrupt the event to gain the media’s attention. Similarly, if a celebrity will be attending, someone could try to hurt them for different reasons.

By anticipating any threats that could disrupt your event, your security team will be better equipped to respond to any type of situation.

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