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People new to the web and experienced Internet surfers have probably seen IP Address hundreds of times during their online experience. Generally, most people ignore the term and go about their business online. However, it is important to take a closer look at this term because it reveals a lot about the computer that is online along with the person operating the computer. Surprisingly, the average person does not know that their IP Address is releasing important information about them. Let’s look further into this issue.

The IP Address
Every computer online has their own IP Address. This address allows one computer to talk to another computer that might be on the other side of the world. The IP stands for Internet Protocol. These addresses consist of 4 numbers that are separated by decimals. Compare this string of numbers to a house address or a business address. It is the way that other computers find your computer over a network. Other devices are able to read those strings of numbers and determine your location and other pertinent information.

Dynamic & Static
There are two types of IP Addresses. They are classified as dynamic or static. Obviously, the average person is not really all that concerned about the classification and this only appeals to the senses of the computer geeks out there. A dynamic address is basically a temporary address. Each time that a computer signs on, they are supplied with a new address. A static address is a permanent address that is assigned by the ISP to that computer.

Personal Information
The IP Address reveals a lot of important information that some might find very surprising. Generally, the location of the computer is revealed. However, it is usually just a general location or the location of your ISP. Certainly, not your personal address. For example, the address revealed might show that the computer is located in New York City, but not the exact street. It is also possible to follow the online activity of a specific IP Address too. Many find that an invasion of privacy. However, software exists that is able to mask the address.

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