How To Protect Yourself from DNS Hackers

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DNS security is one of the most critical technologies for IP addressing on the Internet. The Ds is the largest database in the world. It is the building block of the web itself. However, it is the avenue that hackers use to attack web servers on the internet because it is prone to attacks, both internal and external attacks. This means that information passing across DNS falls prey to attacks launched by hackers. A task force for Internet engineering constantly works on extensions to maximize dns security.

There is an influx of devices accessing the internet these days. This is the reason why DNS exposes holes that can be used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to information stored on the servers. Traditional security measures involving DNS-focused on protocols and devices to offer security which by now cannot cover all the devices on the Internet for extra security. This breach has created loopholes in the DNS. The starting point of Internet connection is the DNS. This typically means that if someone bypasses the DNS, he has access to all information contained in the servers. For security to be enhanced, a DNS firewall is made a basic necessity.

A firewall will control the functionality of the DNS system. It will protect all the devices attached to the server and shield it from imminent attacks. There are several devices connected to the DNS including POS systems, Smartphones, CCTV cameras among others. These devices depend on DNS to access the internet. The firewall can protect these devices from accessing unwanted malicious content over the Internet whether they are mobile or static.

The first DNS infrastructure was built without any consideration to security. This is because hostnames and IP addresses contained in the system were specifically used for communication. As more applications using IP addresses emerged, the access to internet grew and hostnames using IP addresses was disallowed. This contributed to the lack of security within the DNS.

Another factor that leads to DNS weakness is that it was initially made to be accessed by the public to the internet. This means that the public can consult data passing over the web. A new technology to protect the DNS using a firewall is necessary to curb hacking attack effects.

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