How to Prepare for an Exterminator Visit

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Dealing with bugs is one of the most annoying things about any living arrangement. Since insects come in all shapes and sizes, their presence is more than enough to be stressful. However, some bugs can be much more persistent than others. Despite your best intentions, they will find their way back in again.

Hiring a pest control professional may be in your best interest if this keeps happening. Exterminators are known to be the best experts to hire regarding these issues. You don’t want to delay, as these insects are bound to increase their numbers.

Use the following tips to prepare your home before an exterminator’s visit.

Tip #1: Cleaning

It may be a bit cumbersome when dealing with insects, but cleaning your home remains vital. The exterminator must operate on a property free of obstacles or barriers. Since they will tackle all corners and tight crevices, ensure they are free from obstruction and clean.

Start by sweeping, vacuuming, and brushing away any traces of dirt or grime on the property. If furniture is present, make sure they are moved out of the way. These items can all be moved back into their original location if they are not in the way. There will be more to do, but this is a solid start!

Tip #2: Sanitizing

Extending the previous point involves providing some surfaces with a thorough cleaning. Some surfaces can benefit from meticulous sanitization before the exterminator comes in. That is because it could deter insects from prowling around the premises, allowing the professional to focus on one area.

Sanitizing products are a dime a dozen, so only stick with the basics for now. Wipe down frequented surfaces and spray other areas you cannot reach alone. It will be tricky for those harder-to-reach areas, so do your best. Your home does not need to be spotless, but these tips help you prepare.

Tip #3: Check The Outside

Insects are known to invade one’s home from the outside. Therefore, looking at your home’s back and front yard will not hurt. Sometimes, insects and other critters may enter the property through certain gaps. These gaps will have to be tackled by the exterminator at some point or another.

It will make their life much easier by removing obstacles impeding these insect entryways. Take some time to look around the general area and look for abnormal spots. Sooner or later, you will encounter an opening frequented by visiting bugs. Ensure the exterminator knows of these, and you’ll be on your way.

Tip #4: People Inside

If you are not living alone, you must notify the exterminator. Whether you live with friends, siblings, or parents, the home has to be free of people within. That is because certain chemicals will be in use to facilitate the extermination. Be sure to inform your loved ones that this professional will enter your home.

You may have to set up alternate living arrangements so that things are taken care of in advance. For example, setting up a hotel for young kids or grandparents to stay in will be ideal. This process will take several days, so consider that, too. It may get in the way of some things, but your home will be all the better because of it!

Tip #5: Food

At some point or another, you will have to think about your kitchen and the food contained inside. Naturally, your hired exterminator will come inside this space to conduct their operations. Make sure you discard any open food sources and tightly seal others.

Sometimes, cold food stored in your fridge may have to be moved to an alternate location. This would be an ideal time to discuss the situation with the exterminator to see what can be done. After all, no one wants their food spoiled over a few days. Take the necessary precautions, and your kitchen will not have any of its contents spoiled.

Tip #6: Pets

Your loved ones also extend to the type of pets you have in your home. As a result, remove them from the premises before an exterminator’s visit. That way, only the invading insects will be harmed throughout the process!

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