How to Clean Vape Tank for New Flavour

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It can be exciting to try new e-liquid flavours. With so many interesting products on the market, exploring what’s out there is part of the fun of vaping. However, as you change flavours and refill your tank, residue from your last flavour will remain in your vape device without proper cleaning. That often results in an unpleasant taste.

A vape juice won’t stain, but it can dry up and leave behind gunk that sticks to a tank’s inside. This residue will only build up over time, gradually reducing your vape device’s performance. If you repeat the same flavour repeatedly, you might think you’re safe. However, eventually, no matter what you put in, you’ll get a bad vape soon enough.

To get the most flavor from your chosen e juice, here is what you need to know about how to clean a vape tank for a new taste.

Prolong the Life of Your Vape Device

When cleaned, a vape device doesn’t have to work hard to heat up and produce vapour. You prolong coil life in a big way, too. If it’s covered in vape juice residue, you will get lower vapour production and less flavour than if it was completely clear and free to function as intended.

Ensure the Vape Tank Is Empty

You can’t clean a vape tank for a new flavour until the old flavour is gone. You can vape it all until it’s done or pour it out.

Disassemble the Vape Tank

The vape tank should come out of your vape device easily. Remove the tank base and coil. Ensure you don’t lose any parts by keeping them together in a bowl or similar container.

Wash All Vape Components

Use warm water, and wash the coil and tank in the sink. Rinse everything. Plug in the drain so nothing is accidentally lost. If oil or residue is not coming off, do one of two: soak the parts for 5-10 minutes in warm water or use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away what’s there.

The soft-bristled toothbrush technique is particularly effective for vape coils. After a certain period, these coils may degrade to the point where a coil replacement is needed, but fortunately, they are very affordable and easy to source.

Use Dish Soap for a Tank Soak

Soak the vape tank for 20-25 minutes in warm water mixed with dish soap for a thorough clean. Then rinse it under the tap. If you don’t have dish soap, don’t substitute it for anything else.

Simply use warm water, which, in all honesty, is often all you need to succeed. Please note you won’t want to use cleaning products stronger than dish soap to clean your vape tank.

Make Sure Everything Is Dry

Before reassembling your vape device, fully dry the tank and coil. Any moisture may impact the new vape flavour. When reassembling, check to make sure things are screwed on tight and no leaks are risked.

Prime the Vape Coil

Before you add the new e-liquid to your device, prime the coil to avoid dry hits and to ensure your new flavoured vape juice is properly vaporized. Add a few drops of vape juice directly to the cotton wick inside the coil.

Let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will saturate the wick, and you will be ready to fill the tank with your new vape flavour.

Clean Your Vape Tank

Remember to rinse your vape tank when refilling it with a new flavour. This is done to avoid contamination that could impact your next vape’s taste. Furthermore, thoroughly clean your vape tank every few weeks to ensure it is fully stripped of any residue or oils hanging around that shouldn’t be.

If you want to get in there and clean out your tank, after disassembling it, you can dampen some paper towels with rubbing alcohol or vodka and wipe out the inside. This way, you can enter gunk-filled crevices. Alcohol is the best cleaner to tackle this job and is far safer than other products.

After the wipe, it’s essential to rinse the tank under warm water to remove any lingering alcohol residue. Then, you air-dry just like a quick clean, and you’re done.

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