4 Types of Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

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Large individual letters, shapes, characters, or numbers used as outdoor signs for businesses are known as channel letters. 3-dimensional or pan channel are other names for them.

Channel letters are typically lighted from the inside and are typically tailor-made from plastic or aluminium sheeting. They are made up of four things: the lighting element, the front of the letter called the face, the sides known as the return, and the back of the letter. They come in a wide range of choices, including colours, fonts, and sizes.

Channel letter signs are a terrific method to grab potential clients’ attention and offer them a fresh, strong picture of your company. Here is a quick look at the four types of letters and how each of them works. This is crucial for all business owners to know and understand as it ensures they pick the right type of channel letters that will work best for their business.

1. Halo-Lit Channel Letters

They’re also referred to as reverse channel-lit letters in some circles. Aluminized letters with aluminium faces and returns that are raised off the wall or raceway and have an open back are known as aluminium letters.

The fact that they are elevated allows the neon or LED lights contained within them to shine out through the sides of each letter and create a halo effect around them. To put it another way, the lights create an illuminated halo around each letter. It is common for organizations to use them when they require a distinctive, sophisticated, or differentiated aesthetic.

2. Standard Front-Lit letters

The most common type of channel letters signage is the front-lit channel letter. Aluminium is used for the back and return. The face is constructed of acrylic, which is more glossy, or polycarbonate, which is more robust.

Each letter’s face inside is lighted with neon lights or LEDs. Trim caps, which are made of plastic or metal, are then utilized to keep the sign face in place. Because of the materials used in this style of letter, standard front-lit channel letters are fairly customizable.

3. Open Face Lit

As the name implies, these have an open front. Aluminium is used for the back and sides, and there is no face on them. In this case, neon lights are employed in place of LEDs. Because it lacks a face, neon is typically exposed from the inside.

4. Back and Front Lit Channel Letters

This one is for those entrepreneurs who are looking to go all out with their businesses. For example, a sign with white illuminated faces and a red halo effect might be used. This is the definition of a channel letter that is both front and rear lighted.

It is essentially a hybrid, a blend of the traditional front-lit letter and the halo-lit letter. The return part of the letter is made of metal, the face of the sign is made of polycarbonate, and the back of the sign is normally open to reflect the LED or neon illumination on the wall.

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