Customized or Off-The-Shelf CRM – Which is Right For You?

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When it comes to software solutions for the real estate market, having a customized solution tailor-made especially for your business needs can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is definitely going to cost you more, but there is also the time and effort of resources to be considered. Having a customized solution requires additional resources to spend time analyzing the solution and figuring out the best way to use it for your needs.

Off-The-Shelf Software, on the other hand, is less expensive compared to customized software and also, easier to implement. If OTS software has all the features that you require, then it is definitely the best option to choose. There is no use in getting a solution custom-made for your needs if there is already an existing solution that can fit perfectly. However, OTS software does not give you an edge over your competitors and in today’s competitive market, having that extra edge can make quite a difference.

When it comes to CRM software, it is necessary to understand what your business requires. Each company works differently and each services different types of customers. It is difficult to create one software that can be applied everywhere.

If your business can easily be adapted to a solution existing in the market, then OTS is the way to go. Also, using a solution that is used by everyone in the market ensures that it will have upgrades regularly. In the case of customized software, the end user has to closely monitor and think of new features to be added. Otherwise, new solutions with advanced features will be released periodically in the market and your custom software might become outdated and less useful. This also increases the cost of maintenance.

Off-The-Shelf software does not have this problem as the vendor keeps releasing enhancements and different versions in order to keep his business running and to ensure that his product sustains in the market.

One advantage of custom-built software is that there is no need to worry about integration. You can have your application designed in such a way that it fits into your existing system. Also, your solution is much more equipped to respond to changes in your process flows and market behaviour. This makes sure you have the edge over the others.

The key to deciding which is right for you – a customized solution or off-the-shelf software solution is simple. If your business is not generic in nature and looks like it can expand quickly, then customized software is worth every penny spent. On the other hand, if you think there is a particular solution out there that can be easily adapted for your business and has all the functionalities that you require, then Off-the-shelf software will be more than enough. It all depends on your budget, your need and what you gain from the solution. Ultimately, having a Real Estate CRM Software in itself is an advantage – whether you get it customized or directly from a vendor.

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