Brand Marketing 101: 5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

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Creating a certain image for your product is important, but this type of marketing goes way beyond images and logos. In fact, creating that image and developing the right promotional products are the first steps to gaining the customers you need so that your business can grow and thrive. Below are five reasons these products are so invaluable to your company.

1. They Create Instant Brand Recognition

If you think of your favourite companies, you’ll immediately think about their logos and images. The right products can help potential customers become more familiar with your company by creating a recognition of the product or service you’re selling. In studies, nearly 90% of people who received one of these products within the past two years still recall the name of the company that gave it to them. This makes these marketing products that much more valuable. If you visit the Brandability website, they may be able to provide you with more information.

2. They Make a Great Business Card

Instead of a business card, which may eventually be thrown away, great promotional products are more likely to be kept by the recipient and used over and over again. These products are a great way to introduce your company to potential customers, and it works best if you remember to include your contact information, logo, or slogan on the products themselves. You can even use them for social media purposes, such as including your hash tag or Twitter name on these promotional materials.

3. They Are an Inexpensive Way to Advertise

Compared to many other types of advertising and promotions, promotional items are an inexpensive form of getting the word out about your company. Most of the companies that manufacture these items offer discounted prices for ordering large quantities, so they make a great choice even for start-up businesses and those with small budgets. There is simply no better way to market your business in a cost-effective way.

4. Your Company Can Get Much Better Exposure

Not only are certain promotional products a cost-effective way to market your business, they also provide a great way to get top-notch exposure. After all, not only the recipient will see the t-shirt, pen, or bumper sticker you gave them, because hundreds of other people will see it as well. When you factor in the number of people who could potentially view the item you just gave away, it makes for a very low per-person cost that makes these products a great deal no matter how you look at it.

5. It Creates Better Loyalty From Your Customers

Giving away promotional items gives recipients a sense of loyalty towards your business, which is very likely to translate into purchases of your product or service at some point. People naturally feel loyal to a company that thinks enough of them to give them a free promotional item, especially if it’s a high-quality item. If you send a refrigerator magnet or pen with your latest direct mail piece, people are more likely to feel like they owe you something in return, and this is the main reason why these products are so successful at their job.

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