Basics of Indoor Navigation And Its Applications You Wouldn’t Believe Exist!

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Remember the days when you had to ask around 10 people to get the precise location of a given area? G.P.S has made us almost forget those mini-struggles that we used to go through. Wait! Is the struggle really over? Do you ever get into a mall and get confused at the sight of dozens of shops? You again have to be dependent on signboards or a few people to get into a particular store. Well, technology is the answer to everything. Here comes the Indoor Positioning System (aka Indoor Navigation) which enables you to get the desired location inside any enclosed area, where GPS can’t reach.

Locating people or objects becomes easy like never before, with everything at your fingertips.  Indoor Navigation functions same as the GPS, such as detecting the direction, pathway and location with marvelous accuracy.

The Key to Indoor Navigation (How does it work?)

The idea of Indoor Navigation revolves around the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. It is due to these networks that navigation is made possible. Many other technologies such as Infrared have made their way to this technology, but the ease and familiarity of people with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has made them the first choice.

Wi-Fi: The omnipresent Wi-Fi networks make it easy for the Indoor Navigation to be made accessible. The objects are tracked down through wi-fi signals generated from the routers placed within the campus. The tracking is 5-15 meters accurate. Installation of Wi-Fi navigation system is cost and time saving, as there is no extra expenditure on routers if they are already present.

Bluetooth:Navigation with Bluetooth beacons is even more accurate than the Wi-Fi systems, the range of accuracy being up to 1 meter. With less power consumption and easy to handle, Bluetooth beacons prove to be a good option for Indoor Navigation.

The biggest positive factor about IPS is that it delivers 3D tracking, which can track the floor levels as well. The indoor map is displayed on our smartphones through an app. The companies providing Navigation solutions usually allot Software Development Kits for the developers so that they design the interface as per their ideas. 

How Practical is it? (Applications):

Luring giant companies into it, the Indoor Navigation System definitely has an ocean of possibilities. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Imagine yourself at the Airport, finding your direction and running out of time. Not to worry! Turn to navigation.
  • Going for an interview in a huge campus, facing problems in finding your place? Indoor Navigation will surely come to rescue.
  • Wasting your precious time in searching for a shop of your choice is never a cool option. Navigating to your favorite store would be a much better way.
  • Medical equipment in a hospital or giant machines in a workshop, find them in no time!
  • Having a tech-savvy campus with Indoor Navigation system would impress anyone who pays a visit to your company.

In the age of technological advancement, don’t let your shine fade away by lagging behind on a few technical aspects. Opt for Indoor Navigation today!

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