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A seasoned business veteran and a proud mother of two, Jenny is one of the most regular writers at Electra Business. She has years of experience and insights working in the fast-paced business and technology industry.

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13 Famous Advertising Mascots and Their Business Origins

When done right, advertising mascots become beloved, genuine characters. These advertising mascots not only help sell the products, but they become something meaningful to the culture. A business can greatly boost their marketing efforts if they made a custom mascot that represents the company. For inspiration, here are thirteen famous advertising mascots and the companies that they represent:

7 Large Scale Printing Tips and Tricks for Businesses

To create a print that makes people notice, you need to choose the right images, colours and fonts so everything balances out perfectly. You will also need a flexographic printer for extra large prints, along with a number of sleeve accessories and storage solutions to keep your materials organized. Since the world has become highly dependent on digital processes, it’s …

6 Best Types of Insurance for Business Owners

Risks are inevitable in any business. To handle unforeseen circumstances and mitigate your losses, you need to secure appropriate insurance for your business. It’s also a good idea to carry out a risk management audit of your business to identify potential liabilities and accident costs before choosing insurance. This helps you choose the most suitable type of insurance for business …

8 Fun Jobs After Retirement with Low Stress

Everyone works for several years until it is time to retire. While at work, though, many of us desire more time off to relax, take a vacation or just spend time at home. When nearing retirement, we still want to keep busy and continue working. As we settle into our retirement phase, many feel that they miss work and would …

8 Steps to Create a Cyber Security Policy

An effective cybersecurity policy has two components. The first part of a cyber security policy aims to maintain a network’s integrity by preventing external threats. The other part of a cyber security policy seeks to lessen internal risks by appropriately using a network’s resources.

9 Best Ways for How to Recycle Paper at Work

How can you save money and help the planet at the same time? Recycle, reduce, and reuse! When you recycle paper at work, reduce your paper consumption, and even reuse the paper that you might want to throw away, you can ensure that you are saving money on paper use and assist the environment simultaneously. It is estimated that the …

10 Advantages of Joint Venture Business Operations

Joint ventures are the smartest way to expand a business, enhance a product line, develop new products or even enter into new markets. Many companies are ready to grow, but have limited resources to expand their operations, and to do it quickly. The best option is a joint venture which will allow the business to access new markets faster than …

5 Steps on How to Become an Airplane Mechanic

An airplane mechanic, also called an aircraft maintenance technician, is trained to maintain and repair different types and models of aircraft. The regular maintenance and repair of airplanes is primordial to ensure that they are safe, and in perfect working condition.

6 Job Responsibilities and Duties of an HR Manager

The duties of an HR manager fall under two main categories: managing employees and overseeing departmental functions. As such, a human resource manager must be skilled and qualified in each of these primary functions. HR managers must be well-versed in employee relations, compensation and benefits, recruitment and selection, and training and development. The HR manager’s core competencies include decision-making abilities, …

8 Best Data Collection Strategies for Businesses

If you ever wonder about how the government or other organizations make most of their decisions, data in some form is required. Data collection is used to spearhead the decision-making process into something more concrete down the line. This may come in the form of a census. For example, information about a population can help eventual regional development.

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