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A seasoned business veteran and a proud mother of two, Jenny is one of the most regular writers at Electra Business. She has years of experience and insights working in the fast-paced business and technology industry.

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4 Benefits of Professional Movers and Moving Services

Moving is always a difficult, but rather exciting process. Organizing everything required to complete a move successfully can be a trying experience, as limited time is often a major factor in play. Moving doesn’t have to be a chore, however, as professional moving options are available to help make the process as smooth as possible. If you’ve ever had a …

7 Easy Steps to Spice Up Your Retail Displays

However awesome a product is, if it is invisible on the shelves, no one will buy it. The correct retail shelving is as important as the product itself. Always design your retail area in such a way as to allow maximum exposure to your products. To do this, you will need to give special attention to a number of issues. …

7 Business Industries That Need Public Relation Services

We’ve all heard the term “public relations”, but what do these services really do? In simple terms, public relations involves the practice of maintaining a public image that is professional and favourable for an individual or business. Public relation services can better the relationships you or your company has through effective communication. This is a broad definition, public relation services …

5 Trademark Law Guidelines in the Marketplace

Getting a trademark lawyer can be a vital component of many different business ventures. There are too many different ways for intellectual property to be exploited, and it can be one of the most important assets in your venture. Getting a trademark lawyer will make sure you get all the security you need, while avoiding many different ways that you …

8 Selection Criteria for Finding a Divorce Lawyer

Let’s face it, getting a divorce is not easy. It is an emotional rollercoaster to put things lightly. You are either heartbroken that it’s happening, or relieved to get out of a mentally draining relationship. If the reasons leading up to the divorce are not too stressful, there’s always the dreaded talks about money and custody. While going through a …

7 Ways to Take the Stress Out of an Office Relocation

Moving an entire office is a difficult task. A successful relocation requires input from all departments and strong communication skills. If you mishandle your relocation, you may interrupt client service, lose essential items or run into avoidable problems. Here are seven different things you can do to improve your chances of a successful office relocation!

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