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A seasoned business veteran and a proud mother of two, Jenny is one of the most regular writers at Electra Business. She has years of experience and insights working in the fast-paced business and technology industry.

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8 Small Business Shipping Tips and Best Practices

If you own a small business, you are likely flooded with questions about operations, costs and resource management. Is it time to hire a new employee? Do we need a bigger space? How do we keep our inventory costs down? If your company sends products to consumers, some of your questions will definitely be around shipping. How do you make …

7 Mental Health Signs of Burnout at Work

Does the thought of going into work make you feel stressed, worn out, exhausted, or even scared? Are you anxious at the thought of spending one more day, hour, or minute at the place where you work? Are you beginning to hate your job? If so, you may be suffering from work-related burnout.

9 Pros and Cons of Using a Staffing Agency

There are plenty of reasons you may consider a staffing agency to help your company find the right employee for your next role. Perhaps you have a small, growing company and can’t afford the time to look for new staff. Maybe you need to hire temporary workers on a large scale and need to do it quickly. If you’ve considered …

9 Ideas on How to Get Clients in Real Estate

The real estate sector is driven by clients. Without willing sellers and willing buyers, the industry would collapse. In the early stages of your real estate career, you may still be looking for new clients, and this can potentially impair your earning potential. Until you get settled, you can always rely on real estate commission advances to help you with …

8 Best Practices on How to Invest in a Business

When it comes to making money, there are a plethora of ways to go about it. Acquiring multiple streams of income is one of the best ways to increase your overall wealth. Since most things in life aren’t getting any less expensive, it is critical to do your due diligence in order to discover these new avenues of revenue.

8 Types of Bakeries and Their Specialty Products

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If you’re like most people, you may enjoy eating a great deal. You’ll want to find the food you love the most, and this may mean visiting a bakery to do so. There are a wide variety of specialty food items you can choose from, but you’ll need to find the right types of bakeries. From traditional bakeries to trendy …

6 Useful Customer Service Technology Ideas for Businesses

Great customer service technology is a hugely important aspect of any company’s continued success. Your customers are, in many ways, the life’s blood of your business. You want to treat them in the best way possible in order to gain their trust and loyalty. Customer service, public relations, and all that is where you can really make or break those …

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