9 Ideas on How to Get Clients in Real Estate

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The real estate sector is driven by clients. Without willing sellers and willing buyers, the industry would collapse. In the early stages of your real estate career, you may still be looking for new clients, and this can potentially impair your earning potential. Until you get settled, you can always rely on real estate commission advances to help you with financial security.

There are several strategies you can employ to ensure a steady flow of leads and increase your chances of closing sales. Continually generating real estate leads is the foundation of a successful real estate career.

Below are several great ideas on how to get clients in real estate:

Idea #1: Develop Compelling Web Content

One of the best idea on how to get clients in real estate is to have a website. There’s a reason 90% of real estate companies have a website. Potential home buyers start by visiting sites of various real estate companies. Besides looking at the listings, they are also looking for helpful, relevant real estate information they can use to make a decision.

As a real estate agent, you can create your own website or use that of the agency you work for to develop compelling, helpful web content.

The best approach when developing content for a real estate website is to research the keywords most users type in when searching for properties and agents online. Once you’ve identified these keywords, include them in your SEO strategy to increase the chances of potential clients finding you online.

Nothing attracts new online leads more than incisive content that’s optimized with the right keywords. Web visitors are likely to find your website if it’s appropriately optimized for search engines. If it’s not, you may have the best site out there, but if no one is visiting, there will be no leads to convert.

Idea #2: Build an Online Presence

Having a website isn’t all there is to building an online presence. The future of real estate lead generation is in having an online presence and effectively using digital media.

Unlike in the past, cold calling expired listings is no longer ideal. Clients are now in control. And they are starting their searches online, not just for the properties they are interested in, but also to understand who you are and whether you can be trusted to deliver. Only after doing their due diligence are they ready to give you a call.

You, therefore, need a vibrant online presence for them to find you. Your online platforms should feature engaging, incisive and accurate content that explains what you do.

However, don’t let them rely on your word only. Testimonials from past clients will definitely set you apart.

Idea #3: Host Webinars to Generate Leads

In real estate, think of webinars as the online equivalent of an open house. They are the perfect leverage for your real estate business. That’s because the webinar generates leads for you on autopilot. People sign up and give you their contact info.

Besides, you can have multiple webinar versions running concurrently. One recorded webinar can be retargeted to different client demographics and neighbourhoods.

Idea #4: Develop an IDX Website

An internet data exchange (IDX) website is a powerful tool for attracting real estate clients. Add a Google AdWords boost, and you will be meeting new clients within a short time. An IDX website allows you to feature your listings. It directly extracts listings from a multiple listing services (MLS) site. It then displays them in a search-friendly format.

An IDX website allows you to track what others are searching for. It also displays similar properties. If a lead meets a user’s search parameters, your website can suggest it to them.

Idea #5: Use High-Quality Photos of Your Property

When promoting a property, it pays to use high-quality photos. Have a set of photos taken that complement your listing. Consider hiring a professional photographer if you have the budget, or do it yourself.

Once you’ve taken clear, high-quality photos of your property, get them edited to remove unnecessary items in the background. This will make them more enticing to your clients. Then, share these photos online to attract new clients.

Idea #6: Conduct Open Houses

Open houses are still among the most effective strategies for capturing real estate leads. Here, you’ll find potential buyers every week and build connections that might last a lifetime. Among these are neighbours who occasionally drop by to see how the property compares to theirs.

In the process, they might know a friend or a relative looking for property in the area. Open houses are great for referral traffic.

Idea #7: Show up and Volunteer in Local Events

If there’s a local event in the community, volunteer your services. This way, you get to meet people in a meaningful and organic way, a perfect strategy for generating real estate leads. Since they know and trust you, they’ll be more than willing to do business with you.

A decision to buy a property is a huge one. It’s, therefore, essential that clients feel they can trust you. Once they believe you, they are more likely to recommend you to others.

Idea #8: Let Friends and Family Know You’re in Real Estate

Your surest bet for real estate clients, especially when starting out, is your family and friends. This is the pool from where you’ll most likely make your first sale.

According to statistics, about 14% of people move each year. This means that if you have 100 contacts in your phone, at least fourteen of them will be seeking to move this year. That’s a pretty high conversion rate if each of them comes to you for help.

Make sure your contacts know that you work in the real estate industry and that you’re available whenever they need help in your area.

Idea #9: Keep in Touch with Past Clients

Past buyers are also likely future buyers and sellers, especially if they feel you went all out to help them. They are your word-of-mouth ambassadors. Staying in touch with them is critical. There are CRM tools that can effortlessly help you keep track of and engage with past clients.

Occasionally, reach out to them to say hello. Send them e-cards during significant events in their lives, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This is an excellent way of staying at the top of their minds.

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