9 Best Ways for How to Recycle Paper at Work

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How can you save money and help the planet at the same time? Recycle, reduce, and reuse! When you recycle paper at work, reduce your paper consumption, and even reuse the paper that you might want to throw away, you can ensure that you are saving money on paper use and assist the environment simultaneously.

It is estimated that the typical office of 100 people produces about 20 bags of waste every week. This is equal to a single 1,100-litre waste bin. Put simply, we need to do a lot more to recycle paper at work and cut back on our waste. It could begin by cutting down on your paper consumption. By instituting these measures to recycle paper at work, you can ensure that you are saving money, recycling more, and doing your part to help Mother Nature.

So, what can your office do? We’re here to help! Here are nine best ways for how to recycle paper at work:

1. Invest in Good Recycling Bins at Work

How do you get people to recycle more? The best way to recycle paper at work is to foster this behaviour across the workplace. The next question is: Well, how do you foster this behaviour in the first place. It begins with good recycling bins.

By ensuring that your employees have the option of recycling, you can increase the likelihood that they will recycle as best as they can. To do this, invest in great recycling bins at the office and make sure they are conveniently located all over the office, from the break room to the central command centre to the entrance/exit.

2. Apply Clear Recycling Labeling

Of course, your staff members must know that these bins are for recycling. And, to double down on your efforts, you can separate the recycling bins for a different use, whether it is for paper or tin cans. This makes waste management by the city a lot more efficient and helpful. By using clear labeling, your employees know what to recycle.

3. Remove Personal Waste Bins

It seems like everyone in the office has their own personal bins. These are small waste bins that are situated under the desk or at the entrance of their cubicles. But this will only enable waste and dereliction in their recycling duties.

If you wish to maintain personal bins, then swap them for recycling bins. Or, better yet, have two types of tiny bins: garbage and recycling! Having more options will give you more accessibility when you recycle paper at work.

4. Reuse Scrap Paper

Let’s be honest: Any given office will accumulate a lot of scrap paper. This paper is then chucked away into the blue bin (or even black bin). You could have utilised that scrap paper for a whole host of things, including memos, notes, printing, and anything else for writing use.

5. Use Shredded Paper for Shipments

Do you ship fragile items on a regular basis? If so, then instead of purchasing packaging peanuts or other expensive and environmentally unfriendly supplies, you can use shredded paper for your shipments.

This is a great way to recycle paper at work for many reasons: it will encourage paper shredding, it will require less time to put the shreds into a blue bag, and you can save money on not having to buy additional shipping supplies.

6. No Junk Mail

Every residence and business is bombarded with junk mail. It is a fact of life. They say that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. Well, Benjamin Franklin was not aware of junk mail. Even in the digital age, we constantly receiving junk mail – it is what keeps Canada Post alive!

When you want to recycle only what you use, then be sure to erect a “No Junk Mail” sign on your slot.

7. Print on Both Sides of the Paper

Unfortunately, printing paper is still quite expensive. Perhaps that is a good thing because it will push your company to start looking at creative ways of saving money on this business expense.

So, what can you do to save resources and reduce your overall paper consumption? Print on both sides of the paper. This way, you are using less paper and giving the planet a helping hand.

8. Install Air Dryers in the Washroom

They say that paper towels are more hygienic than air dryers. However, if you install the right air dryer, then you do not need to worry about spreading bacteria. Moreover, this is one of the best ways of reducing your paper consumption since these drying apparatuses can be rather powerful when you acquire the right one that suits your organisation – and budget.

9. Embrace Technology

Are you interested in going paperless? It might be about time to start embracing technology if you want to cut down even just 10 percent of your overall paper consumption. But how? Well, instead of printing office memos and scattering them around the workplace, you can send emails.

Another idea is to take advantage of project management systems (PMS), use cloud services (Dropbox), and utilise mobile applications for form, surveys, or other kinds of registrations you do. In the end, you have a lot of technological options at your disposal to trim your paper usage.

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