8 Must-Have Tools For Any Office

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Anytime you’re trying to get a leg up on your competitors; you need the right tools. Equipping your employees with the proper equipment will enhance productivity and efficiency. Here are eight must-haves for any office!

1. Dry Erase Calendar

Physical calendars may seem like a relic from the past, but they are still an excellent way to add a visual representation to your schedule. You can use different colors to highlight different events and deadlines. Using a chalk or dry erase calendar makes it easy to always have your goals in front of you which makes getting distracted less likely. You can also hang important documents from your calendar which will help you free valuable desk space.

2. Standing Desk

Sitting is much worse for us than we’d like to admit. The longer you sit, the more circulation in your body is interrupted. Sitting for long periods can cause injuries which will stunt your overall productivity. A standing desk is an excellent way to mix sitting and standing throughout the day. Standing desks are much better for circulation and allow you to stretch throughout the day.

3. Proper Lighting

Proper office lighting is an often overlooked aspect of ergonomics in the office. Straining to see your computer screen and read paperwork is never ok. Getting appropriate lighting that doesn’t cause glare or shadows will reduce eye fatigue and your risk of headaches. Dimmable lights are the best for the office since you can control the level of lighting depending on the situation.

Remember, lighting has an immediate effect on the mood and atmosphere of your office. If you find things are too gloomy, inject some bright colored lights into the environment!

4. Ergonomic Chair

Having a proper chair makes all the difference when you have to sit for long hours. It’s important to use a chair that has proper lumbar support in addition to adjustable features. A good chair will conform to your body’s shape while supporting your spine and keeping your joints in a natural position. You’ll find it’s much easier to stay focused and be productive when you have a comfortable office setup.

5. Personalized Workspace

Personalizing your workplace helps you feel comfortable and happy at work. Filling your work area with desk toys, artwork, and some creative accessories will help you enjoy sitting at your desk. Try and add some plants to your workspace. Plants will purify the air while adding color to your office. Small desktop plants are excellent for transforming any workplace.

6. Surge Protectors

Anytime your business relies on a lot of electrical equipment on a daily basis; it’s worth investing in surge protectors. Surge protectors are an incredibly simple solution to protect your devices from surges during storms and power outages. Surge protectors are a must-have tool if your business relies on computers, printers or any type of technology. It’s also worth investing in electronic cooling units to prevent your devices from overheating.

7. Healthy Snacks

Keeping healthy snacks on hand will help fuel you throughout the day. Keeping healthy snacks at the office will prevent people from sneaking out to snack on junk food. Healthy snacks will also keep your team healthy and contribute to reducing illnesses.

8. A Foundation Of Office Supplies

Nothing is more frustrating than needing a pen and not being able to find one. A lot of times people end up sidetracked from an important task because they have to run around the office to find office supplies. Make sure you keep things like printer ink, pens and paper readily on hand.

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