8 Interesting Facts About the Lean Manufacturing Process

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You might have noticed that some material handling solutions were designed specifically for lean manufacturing. But do you know what lean manufacturing really is?

Here are 8 things you should know about this methodology that focuses on minimizing waste while increasing productivity.

1. Companies can enjoy many benefits by embracing lean manufacturing

Embracing lean manufacturing will bring many benefits to any company. The different processes used will reduce waste, improve the quality of their products, reduce delivery times, and increase the satisfaction of their customers.

2. Lean manufacturing tries to eliminate different types of waste

Waste doesn’t add any value to customers. Lean manufacturing tries to eliminate different types of waste such as unnecessary transportation, unnecessary use of machinery and equipment, idle equipment, product defects, over-processing of a product, over-production, and excess inventory.

3. Lean manufacturing relies on a pull system instead of a push system

With a push system, inventory is determined in advance based on a forecast, which can result in too much inventory, or not enough.

With a pull system, a company will not start buying or manufacturing anything until there is a demand for it. However, they will be ready to start production as soon as customers express a need for their products.

4. Lean manufacturing relies on levelized production

Levelized production relies on both forecast and order history to determine the inventory needed. With levelized production, the work load should remain the same everyday for a company to achieve clear goals.

Levelized production helps reduce delivery times, and of course, customers love reduced delivery times.

5. Lean manufacturing makes it possible for a company to reduce their inventory

With lean manufacturing, a company has the right inventory at the right time, which means they can reduce the amount of products they will manufacture and store.

Custom material handling solutions make it easier for a lean company to increase their productivity, reduce waste, and optimize the floor space of their facilities.

6. It’s important to be able to respond to customer needs

One of the priorities for companies that embrace lean manufacturing is to be able to respond quickly to the individual needs of their customers. Anything that doesn’t add any value to customers is eliminated from their processes.

7. Employees need to feel respected by the company they work for

The most valuable resource of any company is the people who work for it. Therefore, respect for employees is one of the most important principles of lean manufacturing. When employees feel like they are being respected and like they are helping their employer achieve goals, they will respect their employer in return.

8. There is always room for improvement

Another important principle of lean manufacturing is continuous improvement. Without continuous improvement, there is no real progress, so lean companies will always seek to improve their processes by implementing small or big changes that will truly make a difference. No matter what stage they are in, they know that there is always room for improvement.

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