8 Fun Jobs After Retirement with Low Stress

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Everyone works for several years until it is time to retire. While at work, though, many of us desire more time off to relax, take a vacation or just spend time at home. When nearing retirement, we still want to keep busy and continue working. As we settle into our retirement phase, many feel that they miss work and would like to consider some options so that they make good use of their free time.

Jobs after retirement can be either voluntary or paid, but it may not be the same scale as a regular job in your earlier career days. Working after retirement can have many benefits like an additional source of income, keeping healthy, and trying out new work. The difference with a regular job and a retirement job is that the latter is more flexible with fewer hours and less stress.

At retirement, you may also want to pursue some of your hobbies and personal interests like painting, travelling or photography. With a retirement job, you will have time to pursue your interests as well as work to keep busy. A retirement job will offer you the best of both worlds.

If you are planning on a retirement job, here are eight fun jobs after retirement with low stress:

1. Travel jobs

As a retiree, you probably know your city and country better than anyone and would like to show people all the monuments and historical sites. You can join a tour agent or start your tour agency.

You can organize small tours around the city and talk about the history and later try to expand your reach. Working in travel can be fun retirement jobs that offer a great deal of satisfaction as you share interesting snippets of information about your city. You will meet new people and never feel bored.

2. Blogging jobs

Many sites are looking for bloggers to keep their sites updated and maintained, and their SEO intact. You can contribute to blogs on different websites, magazines and online sites to support different organizations or magazines.

Blogging can be fun jobs after retirement as you research about various topics and write about your experiences, making it exciting and less monotonous. Overall, blogging can be a fun job after retirement with very low stress.

3. Consulting jobs

If you have many years of experience in a particular field or industry, your expertise will benefit organizations. As a consultant, you can leverage the years of your knowledge and set your work schedule. Areas like programming, web development, engineering, construction, retail and more can benefit growing organizations.

Working as a consultant can be a fun job after retirement, because you work with organizations that need your specific expertise. The benefit of being a consultant is that you are your own boss. You also get an opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

4. Freelance jobs

There are many fun freelancing jobs after retirement. Of course, freelance does not always offer continuous work, but you experience the same fulfillment that you enjoyed during your full-time work. You can be a freelance writer, financial planner, accountant and programmer. It all depends on your expertise and experience.

Similar to being a consultant, freelance also offers you the freedom to choose your own hours and to decide on a rate that suits you. The difference is as a freelancer, you are provided instructions of the work needed by the client, and then you work on the assignment and hand it over. The consultant on the other hand is usually on site and offers areas of expertise.

5. Hospital administration jobs

Hospitals are busy and require as many hands as possible to keep operations efficient and on time. If you are a registered retired nurse or doctor, you can still be part of the hospital work such as on-call, mentor new doctors and nurses, or even contribute temporarily as needed.

Also, if you are not a doctor or nurse, there are many administration and care jobs that you can consider. These are fun jobs after retirement with relatively low stress. You can interact with hospital patients, guide them to their rooms, support with administration such as maintaining and filing records. The fun part is that you are communicating with people and making life better for every patient by sharing your life experiences.

6. Teaching jobs

If you are a teacher, university professor or lecturer, you may want to consider substitute teaching to help out at schools or universities. Even if you are not a teacher, but have been in the industry for a long time, you can become a vocational instructor.

There are plenty of these opportunities that need to be filled. This will keep you busy and help you impart the knowledge and experience you have to aspiring young professionals.

7. Data entry jobs

Companies have so much data that needs to be stored somewhere. They generally look for a data entry expert to help them capture and store data in software or excel spreadsheets. This type of job is straightforward and low stress, as all you have to do is enter the information companies give you into specific fields.

8. Librarian jobs

Many national libraries in your area are looking for assistance. They need personnel to help readers find books, information or other resources. This is a perfect opportunity during retirement, which can keep you busy and engaged with your community.

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