7 Ways to Take the Stress Out of an Office Relocation

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Moving an entire office is a difficult task. A successful relocation requires input from all departments and strong communication skills. If you mishandle your relocation, you may interrupt client service, lose essential items or run into avoidable problems. Here are seven different things you can do to improve your chances of a successful office relocation!

1. Plan To Keep Service Uninterrupted

Although moving your office is a lot of work, it shouldn’t have any effect on how you serve your customers. Take the time to put some measures in place to ensure there are no interruptions to your service. If you have customers visiting you in person, you may have to establish a temporary office or schedule your move during the holidays. Outsourcing certain tasks is a way you can ensure continuous service.

2. Use The Move To Get Rid Of Non-Essential Items

Over the years, stuff we don’t need tends to pile up in offices. Chances are you don’t need six filing cabinets, especially in today’s modern age. In addition to transferring essential documents to electronic storage, it’s worth getting rid of excess items while you’re packing. It’s also a good idea to move all items vital to your business operations first.

3. Remember To Update Your Address Online

Don’t forget to update your vendors, clients and other people essential to your business about your new address. Changing your address with Google also ensures your new building shows up when people search for your business. It’s also worth updating local directories such as Yellow pages, Yelp and other searches specific to your city.

4. Get Your Staff Involved In The Process

Your employees are integral to how your business runs, so it only makes sense to involve them in something as crucial as a move. It’s a good idea to get your employee’s opinions on how to organize work areas and the type of ambiance to create. Your employees can help you make slight improvements that improve privacy, the ability to move freely in the office and the ability to collaborate.

5. Make It Easy To Communicate About The Relocation

An office relocation is a huge task which is going to require collaboration from all of your departments. Your schedule and to-do list need to be online and easily accessible. People should be able to update the to-do list in real time and communicate easily about the project. You should also have regular meetings to discuss new developments and ensure things aren’t being overlooked. Using a CRM system or a mobile app will make it easy for your team to work together.

6. Anticipate Hiccups

Relocations rarely go as planned which makes having experienced movers on your side a must. Spending a little extra time researching which movers to use can make the relocation go smoother. Try and plan for weather issues and don’t make your plans dependent on someone else showing up. When times get tough, encourage everyone to step up their communication.

7. Create A Time Frame And Budget And Stick To Them

Taking a detailed, step-by-step approach to your move makes it easier to deal with mishaps on the way. As you plan your move out, set goals and deadlines for when you want certain tasks accomplished. For example, you shouldn’t still be packing large items the day before the move. You may also decide to have non-essential items moved first to keep service flowing. Make sure you plan to have your utilities (phone, Internet, electricity, etc.) installed ahead of time so you can get right to work in your new place.

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