7 Oldest Living Trees in The Planet – The Oldest Tree is 5,066 years Old!!

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They are more than just greenery, they are more than just the oxygen banks of the planet, they are more than what we think of them. They are the life supporters, the ones on which the whole humanity depends, they are trees! Presenting some of the oldest living trees of the world, who have managed to live for thousands of years and are still surviving! Have a look:

1. Pinus Longaeva

Flickr/ Laura Camp

This tree which is yet unnamed, has been living for about 5,066 years and is situated near white mountains,California, in the US. It is the oldest living tree as per records.

2. Methuselah (White Mountains)

Flickr/ Chao Yen

Another Pinus Longaeva standing second in this list. This tree too is located in California and is about 4,848 years old.

3. Prometheus

By James R Bouldin (talk · contribs) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Prometheus was situated in Nevada, US. Though it was cut down in 1964, it was the third oldest living tree. It was mistakenly cut for research purposes as its age was not known to the people who cut it. Wood Flooring Toronto brings the best premium quality wooden flooring for your home.

4. Gran Abuelo

Credits: WOW Travel

About 3646 years old, Gran Abuuelo is another ancient tree found in Los Rios, Chile. Standing 60 m tall, this tree is the 4th oldest living tree.

5. Oliveira do Mouchão

Image credit: mediotejo.net

This tree from Portugal is about 3,350 years old. It belongs to the species of European olive tree and is found in Abrantes. It is the oldest tree in Europe.

6. CBR 26 (Giant sequoia)

Flickr/ Laura Camp

The giant sequoia is situated in the mountains of California, and was the only alive species from the Sequoiadendron family. It is unfortunately dead now but its age was estimated to be 3,266 years, which is indeed a long period.

7. The President

By Bradluke22 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Another tree from the giant sequoia species, The President is about 3200 years old. Its about 75 m tall and its volume is measured to be around 45,000 cubic feet.


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