7 Different Types of Marketing in Healthcare Industry

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As is the case with virtually any industry, word of mouth is imperative to a company’s success. Without the right strategy, you could lose potential clients at best, and even lose business at worst. The same sentiment applies to the healthcare industry as well! Healthcare professionals are always looking to expand their clientele, through differing means.

Although marketing itself has fundamentally changed in the age of the internet, some tenets remain the same. This can be true for those who work privately, or for those working for a larger scale organization. Healthcare marketing does not have to be over thought. You can simply use the traditional marketing communications to boost your business:

These types of marketing in healthcare industry will lead to growth:

1. Responsive Web Presence

In the first few years of the internet, websites did not have to be so dynamic. A simple listing of company information was all that was needed, in order to reach clients. In today’s modern society, that notion has dramatically changed, and for the better. Healthcare professionals need to keep this sentiment in mind, in regards to marketing.

This largely comes down to the need to stand out amongst industry peers and colleagues. A responsive website, one that reacts quickly to user input, is therefore necessary. Try your best to keep all the obligatory information on there, but throw in some animations as well! The more user friendly and intuitive your web presence appears, the more memorable it will be.

2. Implement SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular type of marketing in healthcare industry. Similar in vein to other industry digital marketing campaigns, your healthcare marketing needs to include SEO. Otherwise known as search engine optimization, this marketing tool allows users to essentially find your website much faster, as well as easier. SEO largely comes down to the successful implementation of keywords and phrases.

For example, simply typing in a general phrase about healthcare in a search engine will not yield the desired result. Instead, ensure that keywords that are SEO-friendly are used in the design of your website. This allows the search engine to bring your website up to a user, or for someone looking for a specific practice.

3. Social Media

Above all else, the use of social media has fundamentally transformed the way marketing is done. Healthcare marketing is no different, and has set the stage for significant advantages to be reached. As a start, ensure that your healthcare practice is on the platforms that you need them to be on.

If you are wondering about which platforms you should be on, it doesn’t hurt to ask your clients. For the most part, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular ones, and a significant following could be nurtured on there. To really stand out from your colleagues, platforms such as TikTok, may also be worth paying attention to!

4. Niche Marketing

Healthcare is such a wide industry, simply because it encompasses a large assortment of niche fields. This is a prime opportunity to take advantage of niche marketing; honing in on a special aspect of healthcare. For instance, many eyecare clinics will have a blog, which details interesting stories about optometry.

The possibilities here are truly endless, in terms of where you want to market your efforts. Although blogs can be a nifty start, you could also start a podcast detailing various events in your niche. Consolidating your healthcare marketing in this light will reach more clients, as well as more traffic to your business.

5. Client Engagement

First and foremost, your clients will be the most important aspect of your practice. These are the individuals who will be coming to you for servicing, in addition to informing others. Word of mouth, via your clients, is still a great way to boost your marketing efforts. However, you can still improve this engagement further.

Ask your clients what they would like to see in the future, in terms of servicing. Also, be sure to follow up with them online, to show that you value their interaction. With some consistency, you may begin to see an influx of clients down the line.

6. Traditional Media

Although healthcare marketing is primarily based in a digital lens, don’t discount traditional marketing just yet. From radio commercials, to television commercials, you could reach older clients who haven’t made the digital switch yet!

7. Video Marketing

The power of creating visually-appealing videos are important, in regards to marketing. Specifically, your healthcare marketing can be bolstered by various, informative text-over-videos. Choose an interesting topic in your practice, and create a one-minute short video. These videos can be informative enough to attract clientele for servicing.

Marketing is an extremely worthwhile practice to get attuned to, especially for growing your business. Healthcare marketing is no different, and needs to be personalized in order to be successful. Once you have found your strategy, the desired progress will be attained in no time!

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