7 Business Industries That Need Public Relation Services

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We’ve all heard the term “public relations”, but what do these services really do?

In simple terms, public relations involves the practice of maintaining a public image that is professional and favourable for an individual or business. Public relation services can better the relationships you or your company has through effective communication. This is a broad definition, public relation services can be broken down into several sub-categories.

Below are seven common public relation services to consider for preserving your image or your company’s brand.

1. Corporate relations

An organization’s communication internally and externally to all stakeholders is essential for stakeholders to respond in the best way possible. If the information provided is not presented in a way that is clear, concise or relevant, stakeholders cannot respond appropriately. Particularly in large companies, there are issues with information overload, picking out the most important information to send to stakeholders is crucial for efficiency.

PR agencies can help strengthen and preserve your company’s existing corporate relations. In addition, corporate relation services can help you develop new relationships to grow your brand and business.

2. Employee relations

Communication to your employees is just as important as communication with stakeholders. When communication is clear and purposeful, employees are motivated and align with the company’s goals. Part of operating a company involves leadership to inspire your employees to work towards the same goals as you.

Hiring a public relations firm to handle your relationship with employees can improve your employee’s morale and efficiency. Human capital is one of the most important assets to a company, it is essential to manage it properly.

3. Community relations

How the community perceives you or your company has an impact on your goals and operations. Community relations assist you in getting support of the community by giving back, educating the community and promoting awareness to peak interest in you or your business.

Often, events or newsletters are tools utilized to improve the relationship between a community and an individual or company. Community relation services plan events and manage community relationships.

4. Media relations

Services to help how your company, brand or personality is perceived in the media is defined as media relations. Traditionally, media in this context refers to press conferences, news articles and other news related media. However, today there are many other platforms of media in addition to news media. With the popularity of media today, this service is commonly used among individuals and companies.

5. Public affairs

Public affairs services manage government relationships. Typically, this service is used by companies impacted heavily by regulatory bodies. That being said, the government has a general influence on individuals and businesses. Improving your relations with the government and corresponding regulatory bodies helps you or your business function better and plan for the long-term.

6. Integrated marketing communications

The concept of integrated marketing communications is simple, it is the process of ensuring all forms of public communication align and collaborate to portray a clear message to everyone involved. In today’s world, media is very broad and expansive, it is easy for a message to get lost in translation when you are using multiple platforms.

7. Crisis management

In a perfect world, companies would not be exposed to issues that tarnish their image and brand. Unfortunately, this is not a reality. Public relation services assist with issues and crises to restore stakeholders confidence in you or your company. Many public relations companies will help you plan for potential issues to ensure you’re prepared for the worst, should it occur.

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