7 Best 3D Printing Business Ideas to Make Money

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3D printing has taken the world by storm, and thereby has created many, many opportunities for launching 3D printing businesses. In your wildest dreams, did you ever imagine a future where you could print solid objects and do things with them? Most of us never thought that printing would get that far, but it has.

The latest technology in the printing industry can over hundreds of different materials, including plastic, nylon, and metal. This opens the door for many 3D printing business ideas to arise. Whether it’s 3D blogging, offering printing services to other businesses or making children happy with new toy options, 3D printing is here to stay, so why not get in on the money that can be made today?

Exactly what business should you launch with your 3D printer? Here are seven of the best 3D printing business ideas to help you make money:

Idea #1: Children’s Toys

Everyone knows that children’s toys will always be needed, so launching a 3D printing business that specializes in toys only makes sound common and financial sense. It’s important to come up with entertaining, attention-grabbing designs for this type of business, as children’s minds wander to the next fun thing easily.

Just remember, there will always be a demand out there for toys, so be prepared to keep up with the latest trends once you get started.

Idea #2: Jewelry and Ornament Production

One of the most profitable 3D printing business ideas is the production of jewelry and ornaments. You can use metal 3D printers to create some truly stunning pieces of jewelry and accessories. With a wide variety of inexpensive yet gorgeous jewelry, you will soon be able to expand your business.

People love jewelry, but few want to pay the exorbitant prices charged, so price your jewelry to sell for maximum profit. Start slowly, then add to your designs as your business grows. This is the perfect business for selling both on and offline as well.

Idea #3: 3D Scanning

One of the more profitable 3D printing business ideas has to be 3D scanning. Look at it like printing a picture but it being decorative. Most people would love to have 3D prints of their family, pets, favorite, boat, cars, well anything that they care about, and you can make that happen. It doesn’t cost much to get started in this business, and the business can be lucrative once you do.

Idea #4: Selling the 3D Printers

Of course, you’re not the only one that has caught onto how lucrative a business featuring 3D printing can be. So, why not capitalize on everyone’s interest by selling the 3D printers themselves?

Just keep in mind, that while it’s a great business idea, it is an expensive one and requires a major investment in the beginning. So, before you jump in with both feet, do your research to determine if selling the 3D printers themselves is the best business decision for you. It takes money and dedication, so make sure you have what it takes.

Idea #5: Video Game Characters

This is one of the coolest ideas for a 3D printing business. The video game market is booming and will be for quite a few years to come. So, why not capitalize on the market by printing customized characters from some of those same video games?

Although you will face quite a bit of competition in this niche, it shouldn’t bother you much, as the market is huge. Movie and game characters are the best way to go in this field.

Idea #6: Corporate Printing Services

There are going to be many, many businesses out there that want to take advantage of 3D printing services to further their own companies. However, they aren’t going to want to take the time to do the printing themselves.

This is where you come in, by offering 3D printing services to these corporations. Your target audience should be companies that want 3D prototypes before they launch a new product. This is a very lucrative business once you get started and gain clients.

Idea #7: 3D Blogging

A popular 3D printing business idea is to start a blog that talks and teaches all about 3D printing and the options that are out there to make money from it. Whether it’s for business or personal use, people are always going to have questions about the 3D printing industry.

You can be the professional that answers those questions. However, you need to do careful research, check your facts, and always be up to date on the latest trends and news if you hope to succeed in this line of work for 3D printing.

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