6 Software Management Features All Realtors Need

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Real estate is a demanding job where realtors are continually engaging with others to develop long lasting relationships with their clients. As the market shifts and their client base grows, many have hired professional assistant’s to help keep track of their contacts, appointments, and other pertinent data.

Real estate CRM is designed to help agents stay on top of all areas of business. Programs are developed to meet the unique and demanding needs of a realtor’s job in an efficient, user friendly application-based system that runs on real time. For home selling agents serious about growing their business, software management programs can help in all areas of your business operations including:

1. All in One Filing System

Real estate reps have a lot of data to record and maintain such as home listings, market statistics, neighbourhood information, marketing supplies, contracts and other paper work, schedules, appointments, and client lists. Keeping track of this data manually increases the risk of error, especially during the busy seasons. Having a software program designed specifically to meet your needs while keeping accurate records is vital.

2. Can Be Accessed Anywhere

Realtors are on the go constantly so it is important to have information readily available to them anytime and anywhere. Programmed data software can be accessed from personal phones, laptops, desk top computers, and other hand-held devices. Whether sitting in your car or at your desk, the information is always easily available with the touch of a finger.

3. Keep Client Contacts and Communication Records

A primary part of being a real estate agent is building and maintaining relationships with past, present, and future clientele. Like any competitive industry, communicating regularly helps develop strong relationships that can turn leads into active customers and gain referrals.

Software programs can help you keep a clear and updated lists of all your past and present contacts, but it can also do so much more. The program can help track pertinent information including lifestyle updates, send communication reminders, set up referral lists, and be programmed to meet your specific interaction needs.

4. Calendar Scheduling

Booking appointments, organizing show and open houses, attending various functions, and meeting with potential clients or other professionals is all part of a busy schedule for the active realty agent. Missing just one date can be detrimental to business. Online management tools help eliminate that risk by keeping tracking and recording scheduled appointments and sending reminders so you never miss a meeting.

5. Track Inventory

Signage, banners, cards, office supplies, and other tools of the trade must be kept stocked and maintained. Knowing where your signs are, how much inventory you have, supplies in stock and needed, and maintenance schedules are all important operations of any professional service. Internet and cloud-based managing tools help you stay on top of your inventories.

6. Bookkeeping

All business owners must keep up-to-date and accurate financial records for taxation purposes. Management software programs have state-of-the-art methods for ensuring that all income and expenses are accurately calculated so you have a clear and concise log of your transactions. The user-friendly spread sheets make it easy to clearly input your financial information and provide clear, concise records for taxation and audit use.

Real estate agents are busy professionals. Staying on top of the administrative work can be challenging when you are always on the go. Real estate specific software management programs help eliminate the excess work while reducing the risk of errors.

Cloud based management tools are user friendly, tools that can be easily accessed any time and from anywhere. For busy realtors, software management helps you stay organized.

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