6 Scientific Facts Your School Didn’t Teach You!

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Some Scientific Facts Your School Didn’t Teach You

Science is one of the most interesting subjects of students in any school. They try to learn and being curious to each fact. Obviously curiosity helps them learning better with interest. Though scientific facts are uncountable, here are some cooler facts which any school needs to make its students learn but most often it doesn’t do.


1. Flying Balls


This working is used in wings of airplanes and in lieu of sailboats too. We can experience this Magnus effect in our sports as spinning the ball makes it fly in the sky while simply throwing or dropping doesn’t make a change. Well after that, locating the ball might be a little bit of problem which you’ll have to overcome with. For anything else,¬†indoor navigation¬†technology is more than apt.

2. Grenade Survival


It is a common belief that a grenade can do more harm if it explodes on land than in water. However, it has a completely opposite phenomenon. Water is less compressible than air causing much harm to us when we encounter a grenade inside water.

3. No Glasses? No Problem


Often we are worried if our glass or contact less broke but not to worry! You can look through a pinhole made from your hands as you concentrate the incoming light to your retina making the vision clearer.

4. Exploding Whales


Dead whales comes up at beaches often and we are always interested to take a closer look of it. We should not provoke it more as decomposition of whales fill methane and other flammable gases inside it which can explode.

5. Raining Diamonds


Methane gas is abundant in Saturn and Jupiter as we know. This gas turns into soot by the lightning storm which occurs there most often. These soots hardens and drop in the form of diamond and graphite in the skies of these planets as is believed by scientists.

6. Swallowing A Star


Black holes have been one of the most curious topics for students. You must have been taught in school that a black hole swallow a star but a star actually is ripped apart when it enters into a black hole. Sometimes, a star is burped out of it causing huge emission of plasma from the hole.

Find more of such amazing hidden facts in the video:

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