6 Popular Travel Destinations in The East

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Are you looking for a travel location that is exciting, refreshing and different? Why not try an eastern destination? The eastern world has a lot of diversity, unique culture and superb food.

Not only that, visiting an eastern location is special because it is so different from the western part of the world which provides perspective during your travels. Below are six eastern destinations to consider for your next trip.

1. China

China is one of the most vast, culturally rich and history packed places in the world. Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai are three major cities in China to visit. In addition to the major cities, the rural and countryside parts of China are equally as interesting as the big cities. A few major sightseeing spots in China tours include the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors and Li River. For animal lovers, make sure to see some pandas!

2. Japan

The landscapes and climates of Japan are extensive, ranging from mountains to beaches, considering how small the island is. Similarly to China, Japan has interesting sightseeing opportunities in big cities, such as Tokyo, and small picturesque villages. Mount Fuji and the Golden Temple in Kyoto are two big destinations to see in Japan. Japan is the creator of sushi, trying authentic sushi is a must!

3. Kenya

Kenya is a scenic country complete with mountains, deserts, beaches and coral reefs. While Kenya is smaller than other parts of Africa, there is still a lot to see. The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi which is a good place to start your trip.

Kenya is a good destination for those who love wildlife and nature. Kenya has many national parks, such as Samburu Nature Reserve, Amboseli National Park and Lake Nakuru National Park, to name a few. The Kenya coast and islands is another spot to visit if you enjoy the beach and ocean wildlife.

4. Singapore

Singapore is a business-oriented region, particularly known for banking and shipping. Despite its business nature, Singapore has many fun things to do if you’re a tourist. It should be noted that Singapore is considered an expensive destination in the eastern part of the world. However, Singapore is a very modern part of the world which justifies the extra cost.

The Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Zoo are two significant sightseeing destinations. While in Singapore, you will see many half fish and half lion statues known as a Merloin which is Singapore’s official mascot.

5. Thailand

Thailand is currently the most popular eastern travel location. It is easy to see why considering Thailand is filled with glorious beaches and temples. There are lots of things to do in Thailand, narrowing down your options can be a challenge, make sure to do your research ahead of time.

Bangkok is a major city in Thailand which has many attractions within it, such as the Grand Palace and floating market. Make sure to try some pad Thai and get a Thai massage, both are genuine cultural experiences originating from Thailand.

6. United Arab Emirates

Within the United Arab Emirates, there are several cities, however, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most popular cities to travel to. Dubai is best known for its shopping and exquisite dining experiences. However, don’t miss the beach with the Burj Al Arab which is known as the Eiffel Tower of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi is a more formal and reserved city, unlike Dubai which is catered to tourists. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must-see destination in Abu Dhabi because of its size and impressive beauty.

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