6 Popular Catering Lunch Ideas for the Office

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Deciding what you want for lunch on any given day is enough of a quandary to deal with. The day may come, however, where you’ll have to decide on lunch for the entire company through catering. Since everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to food, it might seem a tad difficult taking it all into consideration.

Lunch, thankfully, is universally regarded as the most delectable meal of the day. With the right preparation and corporate catering service, you will be able to scrap together some dishes that are sure to satisfy everyone’s midday palate. To help you accomplish that, here are six popular catering lunch ideas for the office:

1. Food Trucks

Food trucks have seen a meteoric rise in recent years, due in part to their convenience and diversified options. So why not give these awesome vendors a go? Depending on the actual food truck available, you’ll find delicious options for great lunches that will satisfy everyone’s stomachs.

From Mexican to East Asian choices, the range of food is so incredibly layered and complex that it makes for great office conversation. In addition, they can be prepared to fit any of your colleague’s specific dietary requirements. When fine-dining goes mobile, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option for your midday meal.

2. Sliders

If you choose to opt out of mobile choices for lunch, perhaps it’s time to choose something that is near universally loved by all. If that is the case, sliders make for a great lunch catering option. As a result of their bite-sized appeal, they also create a space for colleagues to bond over while experiencing a combination of great tasting ingredients.

Just like the unique choices you can find that are provided by food trucks, sliders can also be ordered in a customized style. This allows for your associates to feel comfortable, knowing that the direction of lunch will be in your safe hands. Just be sure to ask for specific dietary requirements prior to ordering, to avoid an unwarranted mess at lunch time.

3. Fusion

Just like the skyrocketing popularity of food trucks, fusion dining has also seen a rise in recognition, especially when it comes to catering lunch ideas for the office. Fusion takes the best of two, or several, culinary worlds and merges them together to create a dish that satisfies cravings on a holistic level.

For example, many popular fusion restaurants opt to serve different regions of Asia into one dish. From Korean pork tacos to sushi burritos, the possibilities are as endless as they are mouth-watering. As an added bonus, most fusion restaurants that offer catering often do lunch specials. So, you’ll be saving on both your own wallet and the company’s as well!

4. Vegan Options

You’re bound to be met with opposition from at least one co-worker regarding this option for lunch. However, with the right amount of selling, a vegan-oriented catering for lunch might surprise the entire office. First, there exists a plethora of options that don’t require a meat source to be just as delicious. Quinoa protein bowls with roasted chickpeas can be customized to tailor fit each of your colleague’s cravings, for example.

If that one co-worker still demands a meat source, you may want to include tofu in a vegan slider to achieve complete office satisfaction. Most vegan lunch options for catering are relatively healthy as well.  After all, you’re looking after your colleague’s wellbeing. Why wouldn’t they trust you with lunch?

5. Shawarma

You don’t want to just deliver a standard wrap with the catering lunch ideas for the office. Not only is it boring, but it lacks imagination outside the standard menu for one of the most important meals of the day. Instead, upgrade the wrap offerings for your co-workers by going with shawarma.

An extremely popular Middle Eastern dish that can be devoured at really any time of the day, shawarma can definitely become a lunchtime office favourite. It consists of thinly cut meat and delicious vegetables and condiments, wrapped in a flatbread. Some restaurants even offer shawarma platters for lunch, meaning you can customize the copious amount of food the office will get to your heart’s content.

6. Pizza

No one should genuinely make a fuss about this one. Even though it is the gold standard for lunchtime catering, you’ll find yourself with limited options to replace it. With countless ways to prepare and an infinite amount of toppings to choose from, any lunch catering involving pizza will be a different experience each time. Rest assured, it will always be a wonderful experience.

When it comes to figuring out catering ideas for lunch, you should always use your imagination. Think outside the box; what separates a really good office lunch from a bad one is the ability to go beyond what everyone is accustomed to. Unless of course, the option at hand is pizza. No one should genuinely be giving you a hard time for going the way of a good old-fashioned pie!

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