6 Minimalistic Methods to Organize Office Clutter

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Keeping your office clean has a direct impact on productivity. It’s much easier to stay focused when you aren’t overwhelmed with clutter. Only cleaning up occasionally isn’t a good use of your time since you just end up where you started. This post looks at 6 minimalist techniques you can use on a regular basis to keep clutter under control!

1. Establish A Routine Of Regular Pruning

Regular, small cleanings will make your life a lot easier. Preventing stuff from piling up in the first place keeps clutter under control.  Keep your workspace clear of any unessential items. You shouldn’t use your desk as storage for your headphones or as a place to store your documents. Keeping your desk clear helps you stay productive.

Try bringing a bin in your office that you throw all your miscellaneous items in. At the end of the week, you can decide what to keep, what to throw out and what to donate.

2. Make An Effort To Keep Surfaces Clear

Another way to keep clutter under control is to keep all surfaces clear. You shouldn’t use the top of your filing cabinet or computer a storage. The human brain is most relaxed and calm when it isn’t overwhelmed with visual stimuli. Piling stuff up on top of your desk and other objects in the office make things feel stuffy and cluttered. If you have seasonal equipment in your office, use a self storage unit to help free up space.

3. Say No To Paperwork

Finding ways to keep paper under control is essential for maintaining a clean office. Paper is the worst offender when it comes to clutter. It’s not uncommon for an office to print the same document 20 times for a meeting instead of just sharing it electronically. Sharing your documents electronically isn’t only cleaner, it also saves you money on ink and paper costs.

You can use a document scanning service to transfer your physical data to your electronic system. It also helps to place more recycling bins in the office to encourage proper disposal of paper.

4. Develop A Thought Process For Keeping Or Giving Away Items

Throwing away things can be difficult which makes having a system essential. For some reason, we always come up with reasons to keep stuff when we’re supposed to be cleaning. Instead of struggling to decide what to get rid of, ask yourself a series of questions to determine if you really need the item. Ask yourself if the item has a short term or long term use, how much physical space it takes up and if it’s helping you get your work done. Knowing what your priorities are will help you decide what to keep.

5. Use The 3 Box System In The Office

Keeping three different boxes in your office is a great way to keep clutter under control. One box is for garbage, the second for items you want to keep and the third to donate. Your keep box acts as a place for you to hold things that aren’t used on a daily basis. Regularly emptying your garbage box will prevent your desk from being flooded with old documents and items that no longer have any use.

6. Make Your Walls Functional

A lot of time we forget to take advantage of all the free space on our walls. If you need more storage, you can install shelves or a floating bookcase. If you need help staying organized, your wall is an excellent place for a corkboard or whiteboard to keep your ideas organized. You can also install a magnetic board and use it as a catch-all space for incoming documents.

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