6 Fireplace Makeover Ideas for Indoor Decor

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Nothing is better than relaxing at home while sitting in front of a fireplace. It provides heat while becoming the focal point of the room and its dazzling display of fiery colours dance around the room.

As beautiful as a fire is, the fireplace is sometimes less stellar. Styles change, and you may want an updated look on your fireplace in an older property.

Are you interested in some great fireplace makeover ideas? Here’s what you can do.

Idea #1: Transform Your Wood Fireplace With Gas Or Electric

A classic wood-burning fireplace is nostalgic and beautiful, but older ones are extremely inefficient, with most heat lost up the chimney. You could work to make it more efficient, but why not transform it into a gas or electric fireplace?

There are many options with gas and electricity, and they instantly transform a room with a modern touch. A gas fireplace loses some heat as it vents outdoors, but much less than a wood-burning fireplace. Likewise, an electric fireplace doesn’t have to vent outside at all, so there is no heat loss. Check out all the different looks and styles to find what appeals to you and make the switch to a cleaner-burning fireplace.

Idea #2: Rejuvenate The Brick

Brick fireplaces look amazing and stand the test of time. They do, however, show age, and over the years, the mortar cracks and crumbles and you may even get heat and smoke discolouring above the firebox.

You can mix mortar and fill in the joints to make a cosmetic repair between the bricks. If there are any loose bricks, you can tackle that repair yourself or hire a bricklayer to come in and fix it. After the mortar drys, it will look as good as new, and you can enjoy your fireplace in all its glory.

Idea #3: Add Colour

Fireplaces have a traditional brick and ornate wood features that show their age. Tiles can chip, and the paint starts to peel, but as long as the bones are still good and you love the classic elements of the fireplace design, adding a coat or two of paint is all you need to do.

The insert will require high-heat enamel paint to freshen it up, and you can use a sponge brush for the best coverage. Any tiles can be painted, and the current trend is white to brighten the room. Whitewashing the brick gives it a rustic flair and is very affordable too. Wood features and surrounds should be stripped, sanded and then refinished with whatever colour you want, and you can use semigloss to make it stand out.

Idea #4: Add Or Update The Mantel

Some fireplaces don’t have a mantel or a merge surface above the firebox as a trim element. Without much effort, you can have a striking fireplace makeover by putting on a new mantel with or without a wood surround.

You can buy pre-made mantels with surrounds that fit onto your existing fireplace wall without much effort. Alternatively, just work with what you got and beef it up with more wood or take out the mantel and install a large, rough-cut piece of lumber for a homestead vibe. There are many options with plain wood or ornate, carved designs depending on your taste, but this makeover transforms your fireplace into the visual hub of the room.

Idea #5: Redo the Fireplace Face

This is a bigger project, but if you don’t like the existing face and hearth, you can remove them and start from scratch. Another decision is whether you are a handy DIY person or would rather leave it to the pros.

Start by removing the old tiles and retile with something more to your liking or tile right over the old brick. If you are refacing the whole fireplace, you can install the perfect mantel and surround you want. You can also add a brick or stone veneer for a dramatic change and match the hearth. It’s an open canvas where you get to design your dream fireplace.

Idea #6: Walls Around The Fireplace

Not all fireplaces have brick and tile but are built flat into the wall. This is an easy upgrade to change the look and feel of the fireplace and the entire room. You can use whatever material you like, from authentic barn boards to vinyl siding and even brick veneer or stone. Then add a mantel or wood shelving on the sides to make the wall more functional and create a visual masterpiece around the fireplace. You can add a built-in wood box beside the fireplace for more functionality.

Taking on a fireplace remodel project is not for the faint of heart. It needs planning and designing, but you can transform your room and make an incredible fireplace that will impress everyone. Take on these fireplace makeover ideas and create the look you’ve always wanted.

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