6 Business Perks of Using a Restaurant Cleaning Service

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There are many costs associated with running a restaurant. From employees’ salaries and food costs to equipment maintenance and rent, you need to ensure you can cover all expenses on a monthly basis.

Because of this, it’s only natural that restaurateurs would want to increase cost savings wherever possible. To this end, many choose to clean their restaurants themselves, rather than hire a service. There are many reasons why this is a mistake, and hiring professional cleaners is the smarter choice.

1. Commercial Cleaners Have High-Grade Equipment and Products

Using big-box retailer cleaning supplies is a risk in a commercial kitchen. Because cleanliness is a top priority, you need to ensure the safety of the food you serve, and you need to pass several health and safety inspections to stay in business, it’s critical that you use the right equipment and cleaning products to do the job. A professional cleaning service will have what you need to make sure your dining area and kitchen are properly cleaned and sanitized.

2. They Can Save You Money on Maintenance

You may think that taking care of the cleaning yourself will save you money, but the opposite is often true. Cleaners will take the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen appliances and equipment, which will improve their longevity and their efficiency. This can reduce the amount of maintenance required on them and prevent the need for replacements. Grease, dirt, and debris will take their toll on your equipment, so it’s important to hire professionals who know how to effectively clean commercial equipment, so it lasts longer.

3. Your Staff Has Better Things to Do

Your kitchen staff should be focused on cooking and serving food to your customers, not cleaning your ovens or bathrooms. Not only will hiring a professional cleaning service save your employees time, but it will also ensure that the cleaning is done thoroughly. Employees who do not want to clean may do a rush job that doesn’t ensure adequate cleanliness. Plus, your chefs who are on their feet 12 hours a day in a hot kitchen will thank you for letting them go home after a long day rather than stay late to clean. This can improve morale and curb turnover too.

4. You Can Reduce Business Disruptions

To properly clean a kitchen, you must shut off equipment. This can disrupt business if employees are shutting down equipment at the end of the night when business starts to slow down. The kitchen will also have fewer employees working on food-related tasks because they’re busy cleaning. Even shutting down the bathrooms in the evening to clean them can cause a disruption to your guests. Hiring a professional cleaning service, on the other hand, ensures that all cleaning tasks are taken care of after your restaurant closes for the night, so you won’t face any business disruptions.

5. Cleaners Offer Deep Cleaning Services

Though your staff may wipe the tables and counters, clean their grills, and map the floors, there are other cleaning tasks that should be tackled on a regular basis. For example, restaurant equipment should be moved away from the walls so cleaning can take place behind them. These often-overlooked areas can build up dirt and debris, which can cause health and safety issues, such as attracting pests. A professional cleaning service will clean these hard-to-reach places and perform a deep clean to ensure the utmost cleanliness in your restaurant.

6. You’ll Benefit from Reliability

When you hire a professional cleaning company, you’ll ensure cleaning is performed as scheduled. If staff call in sick or it’s a busy time for the restaurant, they may not get to all their cleaning tasks as they’re handling other responsibilities. This isn’t a concern when you outsource cleaning to the professionals.

These are just some of the many reasons why it pays to hire a professional restaurant cleaning service.

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