5 Work Issues That Need Immediate Legal Action

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Workplace conflict or other related issues are not easy to handle alone. You need a good employment lawyer to represent you when dealing with workplace confrontation especially cases like wrongful terminations, harassment or discrimination. The lawyer will guide you, provide advice and will even try to resolve the workplace conflict amicably before taking it to court.

An employment lawyer is the best resource for workplace related issues and conflict. Here are the main reasons to hire an employment lawyer.

 1. Severance Package

Companies may not offer you the severance package you deserve. They will offer you a package they think you will accept which can be less money and not a fair settlement. To avoid a situation like this, hire an employment lawyer who has in depth knowledge on the different structure of severance packages. When you feel that you have been offered an unfair severance package, contact a lawyer before accepting the offer. Do not attempt to negotiate on your own. The lawyer can do that for you and will ensure you are offered a fair package you are entitled to legally.

2. Workplace harassment and bullying

Workplace harassment is a reality that is not easy to stop. Many times these actions are subtle, making it hard to report it to the HR department in your company. Furthermore, if the manager or employee at fault is a top performer, there are less chances of you succeeding in proving your case. There are laws in place to prevent these actions and to protect employees from this unkind conduct. The truth is that these behaviors still happen regularly. A reputable employment lawyer can end this nightmare. He or she can provide you with the best possible solutions for workplace harassment and bullying.

3. Wrongful dismissal

Losing a job is not always easy as it causes a lot of financial stress, especially when you have monthly bills to pay. The employment lawyer will review your case to see if you have been treated fairly by the employer and if all steps were followed leading to your dismissal. In most cases, when a dismissal did not involve any warnings or formal discipline notices, it can be a wrongful dismissal. Lawyers can help to reinstate your job at the organization or ensure you receive the best possible payout without any impact to your efforts in finding a new job.

4. Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissals are common. You may not be fired, but your employer imposes changing circumstances such as reduction in pay, demotion, hostile environment, diminished duties, loss of authority and bad faith performance. These types of changes are indication of a possible constructive dismissal. It is best to seek expert advice, as these situations are delicate and require careful assessment. Even in situations like this, you may want to continue your job. However, it is possible to pursue certain remedies and to stop your employer from imposing all these undesirable job conditions. Consult with a lawyer immediately after the changes take place. If you do not act when the changes occur, you lose the chance of legal settlement as the time lapsed is an indication that you have accepted the job conditions.

5. Workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination can be based on gender, color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, race, age and disability. Employment laws ensure that employees are treated fairly and equally at the workplace, but this is not always the case. There may be employers who ignore this law. When faced with discrimination, remember you are protected by law and do not deserve to be discriminated against. It is important to contact a lawyer to take effective action. Ignoring this will allow the employer or coworkers to continue to discriminate you and others at the workplace.

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