5 Perks of Getting an Education Degree

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Whether you are nearing your high school graduation or have already done so, you need to pick a profession to pursue to be able to support yourself.

While there are many noble ones to choose from, if you have enjoyed learning new things, working with people, and passing knowledge onto others, a career in education may be the right fit for you.

Below are benefits of attending a post-secondary program in pursuit of an education degree.

1. Versatility

When pursuing an education degree, the curriculum consists of many different subjects and methods that you will need to know to be an effective teacher. While you will not be interested in all of them, you will get the skills required to be hired.

Earning an education degree can put you in a good position to teach many different subjects. This is beneficial because competition for teaching jobs can be fierce depending on jurisdiction. Come interview time, you want to be able to say that you can provide what is needed.

2. Steady employment

When you pursue any job, the ultimate goal should be making sure it offers security. That way, you can look at achieving other goals such as purchasing a house, car, taking vacations, and saving for retirement.

Earning an education degree qualifies you for teaching jobs anywhere in the country and can even put you in a good position to obtain employment if you choose to go abroad. In some countries it may take a little while to obtain a permanent job as a teacher, but there is usually a need for substitute teachers on a daily basis. This means that you will still have the opportunity to work steadily until you get your own classroom.

3. Teach your passion

Many people in the workforce do not have the luxury of doing or teaching what they love. To them, their job is a means to an end, a mere way of supporting themselves. A teaching career is unique because you get to pursue your passion and pass it along to others.

The curriculum for an education degree can be pretty standard and can make you eligible to teach elementary school. If you want to teach at a higher grade level, you are able to take additional courses that involve subjects that you enjoy. These put you in a better position to be able to teach what you love. For example, if your passion is history, you can take courses to teach history at secondary or postsecondary levels. Teaching your passion will allow you to enjoy every day of your employment and look forward to getting to the classroom.

4. Variety

Many different jobs out there pay well but the monotony of them can lead to boredom and major satisfaction. As a result it would benefit you to pursue employment that offers a variety.

Teaching jobs are beneficial because as long as you follow the curriculum outlined, you can create the classroom and schedule that you want. As a result, your students will enjoy learning and you will not get bored of doing the same thing day in and day out. Teaching jobs may also offer the opportunity to coach teams and clubs which also add variety to the position.

5. Perks of the job

While the perks of a job should never be the major determinant of whether or not you pursue a position, being a teacher certain has many of them.

Teachers are not required to work nights, weekends, or holidays and have the summer months off. Salaries, benefits, and pensions are reasonable and training days offer plenty of opportunity to advance and learn new skills.

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