5 of The Most Craziest Jobs in The World You Didn’t Know About!

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Each one of us can relate to the crazy feeling we have on every Monday of the week. A feeling to drag ourselves out of the bed and get ready for our respective workplaces. The work, the atmosphere becomes so redundant and monotonous for us that we tend to escape from the reality of our work. You can look for the recruitment related answers to the following combination of weird and cool jobs as long as you have a proper IT Management Software for your laptop’s performance.

1. Deodorant Tester

Via PagalParrot
Via PagalParrot

The first feeling that comes with the job is Yuck. But, do not sweat because this is a real thing. This weird yuck feeling is nothing but the inability to poke your noses in other’s smell. However, it is our guilty pleasure to poke into other people’s business and this job offers you to poke your nose to check the odor fighting capabilities of deodorants.

2. Vomit Cleaner

Via Aces Services Blog
Via Aces Services Blog

The same yucky and weird feeling return with this one too. One must wonder why would someone take up this job. But, you have to know that in return for your services, you get free rides in the best of amusement parks. You just have to clean vomit of people who get nauseous in those rides in the amusement parks.

3. Professional Sleeper


This should easily be one of the best jobs in the world. I mean I feel like why don’t I have this job. In this job, the candidates doze off and the scientists research on the various probable sleep disorders.

4. Rental Boyfriend

Via Jason Ippolito
Via Jason Ippolito

I mean Like really? But, you got that right! In Tokyo, boys become boyfriends on rent. So, to just enjoy a lovely time, you just need to have money in your pocket. However, I am unsure about the activities that these rental boyfriends have in their service. ()

5. Wrinkle Chaser


This is a job when you have to be very attentive with your eyes. You have to look for any creases that can be found on the shoes as soon as they come out of the factory.

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