5 Job Search Services of an Employment Agency

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You have undertaken an extensive job search, submitting your resume to employers you want to work for and making countless cold calls with no responses. While this can be stressful and frustrating, many people have found success by working with employment agencies. Below are 5 job search services of an employment agency.

1. Help with resume

Your resume is the first point of contact you have with potential employers. Therefore, you want it to be perfect, impressing them enough to connect with you for an interview. The resume needs to be neat, include all of your work experience and academic experience, and have a cover letter that outlines why you should be hired.

An employment agency employee can review your resume and make changes necessary to get an interview with the companies you want. Not only this, they can tailor it in a way that personalizes it to these businesses. Consequently, your resume will be more attractive to employers, maximizing your chances of getting an interview.

2. Knowledge of openings

Many companies who do not have dedicated human resources (HR) departments rarely have the time or resources to recruit people for vacant positions. Therefore they usually hire employment agencies to look after tasks from posting jobs to interviews to hiring. As a result, employment agencies typically have the inside scoop on who has vacant positions to fill.

Using an employment agency during your job search will open the door up to many opportunities that you may be interested in and you never thought existed. An employee from the agency can meet with you, determine your skill set and work experience. he/she can then match this information with companies that are looking for qualifications that you have.

3. Coaching

You have edited your resume, submitted to the company that you want to work for and lo and behold you are contacted for an interview. Because this involves your immediate and long-term future, situations like these can be nerve-racking.

Employment agencies are skilled at assisting clients and coaching them before job interviews. An employee can test you to make sure you know the contents of your resume inside and out. He/she can also schedule a mock interview with you, asking you questions that you could be asked at the real interview and help you provide effective answers.

4. Insight

As mentioned, many companies work with employment agencies to find the best candidates for open positions that they have. These companies often use the same place over and over again. As a result, they get to know each other well. You can use this to your advantage by using an employment agency during your job search.

After you identify the job you want to pursue, an employment agency can tell you which companies they are familiar with that may be a good fit for you. Since they are used to working with these businesses, they know what management looks for in an employee and their likes and dislikes. As a result, they can help you tailor your resume and answers to interview questions based on this intimate knowledge.

5. Temp jobs

Before you land your big break, you may be required to take on a bunch of temp jobs. While these are not permanent, you can use them to build some skills and experience to pad your resume. Then you can submit to the jobs that you want to work long-term.

Employment agencies have access to many different temp jobs at any given time. These positions can fill the gaps in employment and allow you to still earn a wage. A resume with many employment gaps will have to be explained to potential employers. At least having a temp job shows your dedication to work on your skills and motivation to keep moving.

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