5 Handy Tips About Ballet Barres

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Ballet is a great way for people to explore new ways of physically expressing themselves, while exploring an art form that can allow them to explore the limitations of their body. Ballet can be incredibly physical straining and demanding and making sure all equipment and training is held to a high standard is crucial.

One thing that should always be focused on are ballet barres. A ballet barre can be a part of almost anything you are trying to do, while providing the structure that can guide the work you’re getting into. Finding the right ballet barre and accommodating your size and what you are trying to do can be the most important step in exploring ballet.

1. Understand what you need

Depending on what is being done in your ballet routine, there will be different barres that will be better suited to you. Keep in mind, age and size can be a factor, as well as the level of the individual looking to use the barre. With an understanding of what is going to be done on the barre, you can begin looking into the best possible designs, as well as what will be most comfortable for the people that are using it.

Getting a ballet barre that lasts is a crucial step, but you need to take the responsibility in knowing what will work for you and how it can be properly maintained.

2. Suited for all levels

It is important to remember that you can find ballet barres that work for dancers of any level. It is important to establish consistency early on, making sure the beginners are working with proper and adequate equipment. At higher levels, the dancers may take certain things for granted with a ballet barre, and getting the highest quality product will make sure they do not have to worry about a ballet barre holding them back in any way.

3. Different options available

When looking into ballet barres, you can find different advantages with pro series barres, intermediate series barres and princess barres. The pro series is the most durable option, and can be a go to for larger establishments such as schools. The intermediate option is more accommodating, it can be portable and is better for smaller studios.

Without the space to accommodate a pro series, the intermediate will still be a reliable option. The Princess barre is then more suited for beginners, allowing for an easier transition for younger dancers.

4. Get more with accessories

Sometimes the base barre will be enough for everything you are looking for. If, however, you want something a little more special, or want a particular modification to accommodate dancers, there are accessories to help you out. You can get a dolly to improve portability and use stability foot pieces to add another level of security. You can find the tools you need to make sure the barre is set up exactly as you need, and functions in every way that your dancers need.

5. Maintain a standard with form, strength and design

With a ballet barre, you can help establish a standard of quality for your dancers. The design of a ballet barre will emphasize steady form and study strength, and that can instill a stronger mentality in dancers. It is impossible to maintain a proper standard without a proper ballet barre, and getting the right one can even help the mentality of the dancers that may be looking for more guidance and inspiration.

By ensuring the highest quality, you will never have to worry about the design of the barre holding back or discouraging your dancers in any way

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