5 Floor Maintenance Tips You’d Want To Use Every Time!

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“I didn’t fall. The floor just needed a hug.”

How long has it been since you have returned the favor for the times your floor has been there to catch you whenever you fell? Long time perhaps!

Whether you accept it or not, floors are some of the most overlooked features in our homes. Most people don’t realize how flooring gives a unique and noticeable appearance to our homes which makes floor maintenance come last in their priority list.

Floor maintenance however, shouldn’t be ignored under any circumstances. In case you had your wake up call or you just want to take care of your flooring, follow the tips mentioned below:

Vacuum Cleaning:

This might seem very obvious, and people are often guilty of missing out on the most obvious things in life. Why is vacuum cleaning important? Well, because the dust particles which accumulate with time act somewhat as sandpaper to the floor and wear the finish of the floor. Besides floor finish, it feels weird walking on a dirty floor, isn’t it?

Keep Your Flooring Dry:

Water and hardwood floors don’t get along very well. If you spend a fortune on getting hardwood flooring in your house, make sure you keep it dry as much as you can. In case something spills on the floor, clean immediately and use floor cleaners to clean the residue. Using liquid to clean the floors will only worsen the shine and appearance of the flooring. Better stay on the safe side than being sorry later.

Put A Gigantic Doormat At The Front Door:

Prevention is better than cure. We’ve been told this since the very beginning of our schooling days. You know what is smarter than cleaning up dirt from your flooring on a regular basis? Making sure not much dirt makes it way in to cause any damage. Having long doormats will minimize the amount of dirt that gets inside, making cleaning up your flooring very easy.


Polishing your floor will ensure that your flooring stays shiny and noticeable to people who come over. People who are obsessed with being a host often look for new ways of getting compliments from their guests. A dull floor is an inevitable nightmare if you don’t polish your floor at least once in a month.

Damage Control:

If the damages in the wood flooring are becoming too apparent with the passage of time, start acting immediately. The dullness of the floor isn’t the only thing you should be bothered about, there are other factors associated as well. Try applying a coat of polyurethane with a foam based paint pad and thinning out the edges with a dry brush. Wood flooring Toronto can be a great savior if you are too confused about what to do with the current situation of your wood flooring.

Maintaining hardwood flooring can be a tricky business. You can either follow the tips or simply rely on wood flooring Toronto with their exquisite quality of service they provide at minimal costs. Happy living guys!

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