4 Steps to Connect with a Good Disability Insurance Lawyer

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Perhaps the first and most important thing you need to understand if you’re considering hiring a disability insurance lawyer, is that disability law differs significantly from personal injury law and that you need a specialist.

Regardless of how competent a general practice attorney is, you need to very careful to hire someone who focuses exclusively on individual and long-term disability insurance to handle your claim.

It is a complicated and continually evolving field of law that requires time and dedication to properly understand. So once you’ve significantly narrowed the field this way, here are some tips to help you find the right person to help you with your claim.

1. Understanding disability insurance

The easiest way to understand disability insurance is to think of it as essentially income replacement insurance. In the event that you suffer from a disability illness or an injury that has occurred away from the workplace, your disability insurance should step in to replace a percentage of your monthly income.

In general, you can expect to receive monthly payments that will act to replace a portion or your salary or hourly wage, in addition to rehabilitee incentives, financial incentives, and benefits designed to help get you back on track towards returning to your job.

2. Why you need a lawyer

When you begin your research into the field of disability insurance, you might encounter several individual or group disability insurance companies that make it appear fairly simple to file your entire disability claim online. Although it can seem attractive to avoid the process of hiring a lawyer, you will likely end up with much lower benefits that if you entrusted your claim to a professional.

A good disability insurance lawyer will be able to assist you in streamlining your disability insurance claims and payment process, in order to protect you and your family from unnecessary financial hardship. Hiring an experienced lawyer early in the process will also ensure that you get the maximum disability benefits suited to your situation.

3. Understand your options

Likely, the reason you’re looking for a disability attorney in the first place is because you are out of work and were wrongfully denied disability benefits. Even if you do get entitlement to your benefits, you will likely only be receiving a fraction of your income. This doesn’t seem like a very good time to be racking up legal bills, does it? It is important to be aware of your financial situation throughout the process and to avoid disability firms that will start charging by the hour simply to take a look at the material you’ve assembled for you case.

Luckily, there are many disability litigation firms that offer free consultations and policy analysis services, saving you any changes, up front fees and costs that could ultimately be put towards covering your litigation expenses. This will ensure that regardless of the outcome of your case, you won’t be in any worse shape than you were when you started out.

4. Added protection

It is also important to understand that once you hire a lawyer, you have a much greater degree of protection. You insurance company will be obliged to contact your attorney direction for any further documentation and paperwork.

Your di lawyer will be able to advice on filling out all the necessary forms and will be used to picking out the tricky questions and knowing how best to answer them, which words to avoid, and which issues to bring up. They will also know your rights and will be able to find problems in your case that you might not be able to identify on your own.

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