4 Product Packaging Guidelines for Businesses

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When you run a business, there are so many important things to look at, consider, change, test, tweak…the list goes on. If you ship items, locally and abroad, there is product packaging to consider as well. The smart businesses know how important this is, while other businesses may push it down their “to-do” list.

This is a mistake, because product packaging can be very important to your business. Product packaging can help to sell your product, so it should not be overlooked. Let’s have a closer look at why this topic is important for any business.

1. Packaging Is An Investment

Businesses have to look at packaging as an investment, because, in a way, it is, since it has been proven to make a difference. It is also a well-known fact that many new products (and businesses) also fail. People are used to what they know and do not have the time to look around and compare. Your packaging must be able to show how the product will make a difference and how it can benefit consumers. It should tempt them into trying it. It has to stand out from all the numerous products it will be competing with. Your marketing and branding efforts are associated with your packaging and can showcase what your business stands for.

2. Protection

Whether near or far, you want your products to arrive at their destination safe and sound. It would be horrendous if it arrived in a million pieces. If this happens, especially if it is a recurring outcome, it does not speak well for your business. Customers get angry and you should never make your customers feel this way. Being able to endure the journey, no matter how far, is your problem, even if the fault genuinely lies with someone else.

Packages are thrown, squashed, go through bumpy rides and what not, so you want it to be strong enough to protect the contents within. This is where it helps to work closely with your packaging company or supplier. Together, you can come up with a strong, attractive and appealing package that will be able to withstand the usual elements it will be up against during its journey.

3. Packaging For Your Demographic

This may require a fair amount of effort but it can be done and can make a difference. By using information and data gleaned from your marketing efforts, you can make your packaging in accordance with your customers. If the packaging is for men or women, it could be made to depict more masculine or feminine colours respectively. If you know that it is being sent to senior citizens, then it could be made so that it is easier for them to open. Know your audience and cater to them accordingly with your packaging.

4. Be Environmentally Friendly

More and more businesses and their customers have become conscious of the environment. Having packaging that reflects this will bode well for your business. Research has shown that consumers are happy to spend a little more on what they buy if they know they are buying it from a company that cares about the planet. Take advantage of the options available and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Do not underestimate the power of packaging. It has the ability to gain you more business and repeat customers if you know how to get the best out of it.

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