4 Benefits of Using Wood Flooring in Your Store

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Whether you are a new store owner and thinking about what type of flooring to install or a seasoned veteran looking to change things up, you definitely cannot go wrong with the look and functionality of a nice hardwood floor. The following are just some of the advantages that going this route will offer you.

1. Durable

Your store has many different customers coming and going each day as well as employees who are always on the floor stocking shelves. This can amount to a lot of foot traffic that can cause wear and tear on your flooring. As such, you need a floor in your store that can withstand any type of abuse thrown at it.

Wood flooring installed in your store is durable and able sustain foot traffic from customers. It can also maintain its strength against employees performing such tasks as moving shelves or products on carts and dragging pallets onto the floor for displays. While wood flooring can get scuffed from time to time, they can last decades before replacement is necessary, making them a smart investment.

2. Low maintenance

While you obviously value your customers and want them to attend your store, the foot traffic they produce can cause dirt, debris, and scuffs on your flooring. As the owner you have enough to do yourself and you want your staff to be serving customers as opposed to getting hung up on maintenance.

Hardwood flooring is beneficial for stores because they are one of the lowest maintenance types available on the market. When they require a cleaning, all it takes is a quick sweep and either a damp mop or a spray and wipe with a cleaner made for hardwood floors. Doing so will make your hardwood floors sparkle in no time. When your hardwood floors do start to look worn and tired, you can eventually look at sanding and refinishing them which can easily be done when your store is closed.

3. Variety

Many people think of a dull, brown colour when they think of wood. However, when it comes to wood flooring, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hardwood flooring is available in many different colours from a golden hue to a dark chocolate shade. Flooring is also made from many different types of wood such as oak, maple, hickory, ash, and mahogany. This allows the floor planks to feature different types of grains that really make your floor look unique. Planks are also available in different widths, allowing you to choose either a rustic, wide plank, or a classy, professional thinner one. With the different types of colours and designs, you will be able to find flooring that matches the rest of your store perfectly.

4. Sanitary

Customers want to come to stores that are clean and sanitary. Unfortunately, ones with flooring such as carpet can cause poor air quality as dirt and debris brought in from the outdoors. Accidental spills and breakage of the products you are selling can penetrate carpet and lead to mold and bacteria that can cause serious illness to people in the vicinity.

Hardwood flooring is ideal for interior environments because they do not harbour dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and dander that can get into the air and cause illness to customers and staff. As a result, they especially cater to your customers who may have allergies. As mentioned previously, all it takes to remove such components that can cause illness is a sweep and a mop or wipe-down with cleaning spray. In doing so, you will maintain a high standard of cleanliness where people will not be falling ill and your store will look fantastic.

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