4 Benefits of Tracking Your Shipping Items

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Historically, whenever you had to send a package through the mail, you would box it up, add postage and send it on its way, hoping it would reach its destination in a safe and timely manner.

However, these days with the rise in technology, it is possible for you and the recipient to see where the shipment is on its journey by using tracking information provided by the shipping company. If you need to deliver something and are unsure as to what method to use, below are advantages of using one that provides tracking information.

1. Peace of mind

When sending a package through the mail, you want to know that it is safe and on the move right up until it reaches its destination. Your customer wants the same thing as they are usually anxious until their package arrives.

Providing tracking information provides an easy an effective method for you and your customer to confirm that your shipment is en route and there are no problems that need addressing. In doing so, you and your customer are afforded the peace of mind that your shipment is moving and is on schedule.

2. Improved customer service

Your customers are what keep you in business. You need to do what you can to keep them. Otherwise they will look to your competition for future needs. Provide tracking information when you send them shipments can prevent this because either your competitors diligently offer tracking information or are on the verge of doing so.

Providing tracking information to your customers will reassure them that you received your order and will provide them with the details immediately after it is shipped. Most companies and individuals with bad reputations or known for deception will not bother using shipping methods with tracking information. Therefore, just by offering it, you are showing your customer that you are reliable and trustworthy.

3. Reduce contact

Overall, you enjoy the contact that you have with your customers, whether it be by telephone, email, or instant chat. However, when there is in issue, exchanges with customers can be less than pleasant and can take up a large majority of your time. This is because while you have other things to do, you still want to appear attentive to their dilemma.

While you will always take the time to address problems, concerns, questions, or comments from customers, providing tracking information will greatly reduce the amount of unneeded contact you have with them. For example, you may be fielding a lot of inquiries regarding where a package is in transit. With a tracking system in place, a customer can log in and check for themselves. This may seem so simple but imagine how much free time this will free up for you to focus on other aspects of your operation.

4. Quicker remedies

When there is a problem with your shipment, you want to know about it right away. That way, you can make inquiries and take action in an attempt to remedy the situation.

Many things can occur during the delivery of a package. It can arrive in a wrong area, get held at customs, or be held at a depot for extended periods of time. Tracking information informs you of such occurrences, providing you with the opportunity to take steps to get the package moving again. Tracking information can also inform you and your customer of whether or not a package is delivered. In the off-chance that it is marked as delivered when in fact it was not, the customer can log in, check the status, and inform you that it was not received. This allows you to either make inquiries to the courier or send a replacement.

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