16 Classy Corporate Gift Basket Ideas for Clients

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A lot can be said about what makes the perfect corporate gift basket. For many businesses, it’s a gift basket that shows appreciation while gently promoting the brand and pulls in different themes or ideas from the holiday or celebration on which it’s given. Any gift basket ultimately should be thoughtful and make an impression.

As you assemble yours, there are sixteen corporate gift basket ideas for clients:

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #1: Bottle of wine

A nice bottle of wine is a popular item to include in corporate gift baskets. You don’t have to shell out the big bucks for a bottle, but a small bottle of decent-quality wine is sure to boost the appeal of your basket.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #2: FitBit

A real standout corporate gift is a FitBit. This communicates that you value your gift recipient’s physical and mental health. FitBits and wearables are very popular, with their ability to monitor several things about a wearer’s long-term health.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #3: Subscription

A gift card that is a free subscription to services like Netflix, Spotify, or other online services is a perfect addition to a corporate gift basket. This enhances your gift recipient’s non-work time, offering them real value and putting your business in a positive, fun light.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #4: Artisanal candle

A high-quality artisanal candle is a one-size-fits-all type of gift. It’s the perfect thing to take out after a long work day and help relax, de-compress, and calm. There are many candle types, from those that smell like essential oils to cinnamon, cedar trees, vanilla, and more.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #5: Custom mug

While you don’t want to go all-out with branded products, a fun customized mug for a client or employee is an excellent gift to add. If it’s humorous or references their work somehow, the more relevant and treasured it will be. Or you can opt for a non-branded, luxury custom mug if that’s your preference.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #6: Local events

You can pick out a local event and provide tickets in a corporate gift basket. It could be a tourist attraction that doesn’t have a set date, something fairly open like free movie tickets or access to a sports game.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #7: Essential oil soaps

Some nice essential oil soaps, oil mixes, and aromatherapy-style spa-esque accessories are wonderful gifts to help your gift recipient unwind and relax. Pure essential oil may not be recommended as not everyone has a diffuser to use them in. That said, anything essential oil will ultimately elevate your basket.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #8: USB accessories

Not everyone has a smartphone and other devices with the same USB connector. That said, some universal USB accessories will make for a treasured gift. A USB wall charger, for example, is a great idea and often affordable.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #9: Holiday ornament

A holiday ornament is a welcome addition to any corporate gift basket. Whether for the Christmas holiday or an ornament for another time of year, a nice decorative item won’t cost a lot and will help add visual impact to the presentation.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #10: Trail mix

Trail mixes and nuts are nutrient-dense, protein-filled treats that won’t infringe on anyone’s diet or lifestyle. They’re great snacks for sitting around the house, munching on during a commute by car, and as a meal replacement before or after one’s gym time.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #11: Premium notebook

A premium notebook, desk planner, or a small notepad in a corporate gift basket won’t be stunning to look at, but they will help fill out your basket and, more than that, they provide value and function.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #12: Local business gifts

A nice idea with a gift basket like this is to search local small businesses and include their products alongside other gifts. These can be things like soaps, pasta sauces, baked goods, and similar products that are hyper-local in design. Especially if you’re giving out multiple corporate gift baskets, this puts a spotlight on local entrepreneurs and puts your brand in a positive light.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #13: Wireless headphones

Many people use earbuds and wireless Bluetooth headphones daily to listen to music, podcasts, or watch videos. Though these can get costly, they’re a standout and desirable corporate-appropriate gift you can include in your basket.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #14: Premium chocolates

Some luxury-grade premium chocolates are almost always a winner in a corporate gift basket. There is no shortage of high-quality chocolates, from major international names to chocolatiers local to your area.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #15: Ground coffee and tea

Ground coffee and teas are a safe bet to find something appealing to the gift recipient. For teas, there are many premade gift items at David’s Tea, and ground coffee is easily found in retail and online.

Corporate Gift Basket Idea #16: Donation to a philanthropic cause

A possible inclusion in a corporate gift basket is a donation to a philanthropic or social cause included in a personal note of appreciation to the gift recipient. This can be done in someone’s honour or simply be to a cause that is important to the gift recipient.

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