11 Best Small Business Shipping Supplies

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Customers expect all businesses to offer numerous different shipping options these days. Not only does it make shopping easier, customers feel safe knowing they can get what they need to be delivered right to their front door.

To successfully fulfill your business’s shipping requirements, you need to have a few essential shipping supplies on hand at all times. These will make the shipping process easier and ensure that your products safely reach their destination.

Here is a list of the eleven best small business shipping supplies:

1. Good quality packing tape

Packing tape is one of the most essential small business shipping supplies. The tape will seal your packages and keep their contents safely inside. However, not all tape is created equal. You want to ensure that you select a high-quality product with plenty of glue to provide a secure seal that won’t lose during shipping.

2. Poly mailers

Poly mailers are envelopes that are made of an outer plastic material. They are lightweight, which means they will save you money on shipping expenses. They are also waterproof, offering more protection to your products than traditional paper envelopes. These mailers come in a variety of different sizes and are highly durable.

3. Boxes

While boxes may cost slightly more to ship, they are incredibly versatile. Corrugated boxes offer a thicker cardboard material that helps the boxes keep their shape during shipping and withstand bumps without damaging the items inside. Boxes are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to easily ship any object.

4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is made up of sheets of plastic that have been filled with tiny bubbles of air. These bubbles offer a layer of protection when wrapped around fragile items during shipping. It is one of the best shipping supplies for your small business.

5. Airbags and pillows

Like bubble wrap, airbags and pillows are larger, plastic air pockets. This helps provide a bumper in your shipped packages and keeps your products sliding around within their boxes.

6. Shipping labels

Shipping labels are crucial for shipping any product, whether you use the local mail service or specialized delivery service. Shipping labels contain detailed information about where your item needs to go, where it is being sent from and what the package contains. Your shipment will never make it where you want it to go without a shipping label.

7. Shipping label envelopes

Shipping label envelopes are clear, plastic envelopes that attach to your package. They allow you to slide your shipping label inside and keep it protected. The plastic cover will protect your shipping label from moisture and the elements and ensure that your vital shipping information is always clear and easy to read.

8. Ice packs

If you plan on shipping food or any other items that are sensitive to heat and changes in temperature, using ice packs during shipping is very important. Ice packs contain a refrigerant gel that holds its temperature for an extended period. When packed around your shipment, it will help it keep a consistent temperature throughout the shipping process and keep your items fresh and ready to enjoy.

9. Insulated shipping boxes

Insulated shipping boxes work like a cooler to keep your items refrigerated. When packed with ice packs, the temperature inside these thick foam containers can remain cool and stable for up to a day and a half. These containers are excellent for shipping frozen items, food, or medical supplies and will keep them at a regulated temperature for an extended period.

10. Paper

A good supply of printer paper is essential if your business plans on shipping its goods. You will need to print numerous invoices and packing slips and run different reports to manage and track your shipments. Running out of paper would mean slowing down the shipping process, so having extra on hand at all times is essential.

11. Stickers and warning labels

Depending on the types of items that you will be shipping, you may want to consider having an assortment of stickers and warning labels on hand. These labels come with various messages that will help keep your items safe during the shipping process. Stickers that warn about fragile, refrigerated, or heavy items will provide the shipping company with crucial information about how to safely and adequately handle your package.

Customers are now enjoying the convenience that at-home shopping has to offer. You can search the internet and purchase almost anything that your heart desires without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. This has increased the demand for shipping and delivery of these products, and customers expect to receive their items quickly and efficiently. Having the right shipping tools will allow your business to package your products and keep them safe during delivery so that they reach your customers quickly and in excellent condition.

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